[WATCH] Kerry Rhodes’ Alleged Gay Lover Is Pitching A Reality TV Show

Written by thejasminebrand in Blog
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Screen shot 2013-04-20 at 8.41.14 AM

We really, really, really didn’t want to cover this story, but at this point we’re sorta-kinda forced. By now, thanks to the good folk over at Baller Alert, you’ve heard the speculation surrounding NFL baller Kerry Rhodes and a man by the name of Russell Hollywood Jackson, who claims to be his alleged lover. Long story short, Kerry denies being in a romantic relationship with Russell. In fact, he says that Russell was his assistant, nothing more. Russell says otherwise. Wow, that’s certainly interesting (sorta), what’s even more interesting is the alleged pitch of a reality show that we hear Russell is shopping around. It’s a bit lengthy, but check it out, if you’re interested.

Peep the video.

P.S. If a network picked it up, would you watch?


[Baller Alert,BSO]

  • Tazzy

    Hell naw! I got better things than to watch this train wreck. But he is funny! The pics r suspicious but u never know ppls real motives, or if the pics were staged. U just never know! The fact that now he has a show he’s marketing…hhhmmmmm idk. I’m on the fence but the pics weren’t a good look!

  • Jason

    You can see Kerry Rhodes in the video at the 8 second mark right behind Russell “Hollywood” Simpson and @ 16 seconds. These two were most certainly a couple. I feel bad for Kerry but lying to the public about being in a relationship with someone you clearly loved isn’t right!

    • Dubb-B(female type)

      So b/c he was “behind him” and he was behind a counter might I add they were together? There were a bunch of other ppl around. Try again!

      • chuck star

        I dont know what you were looking at but those pics were not photoshopped.

  • The Mrs

    No I would not.

  • DIVA

    Hell NO I will not be watching this MESS! His mouth/teeth…OMG! Hot ghetto mess please please please my people do not support another disgrace. Let’s go into prayer right now. Lord please bless this mess I know you can turn anything around for good.

  • vapariga

    Amen! @ Diva
    Smh…don’t know what this world is coming to.

  • Pamela

    I can’t believe that they even drove this fool around L.A., in a Bentley. For what? There is absolutely no way that I would watch a show centered around this guy. If this video is what is to be expected from a full blown show, then it’ll never happen. This is awful, just plain horrible.