[WATCH] Kerry Rhodes’ Alleged Gay Lover Is Pitching A Reality TV Show

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We really, really, really didn’t want to cover this story, but at this point we’re sorta-kinda forced. By now, thanks to the good folk over at Baller Alert, you’ve heard the speculation surrounding NFL baller Kerry Rhodes and a man by the name of Russell Hollywood Jackson, who claims to be his alleged lover. Long story short, Kerry denies being in a romantic relationship with Russell. In fact, he says that Russell was his assistant, nothing more. Russell says otherwise. Wow, that’s certainly interesting (sorta), what’s even more interesting is the alleged pitch of a reality show that we hear Russell is shopping around. It’s a bit lengthy, but check it out, if you’re interested.

Peep the video.

P.S. If a network picked it up, would you watch?


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