[WATCH] Did Iyanla Vazant Fix Sheree Whitfield’s Life? + Bob Says Iyanla Was Like A Drill Sargent

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Sunday night, Iyanla Vanzant, did her darndest to repair the relationship between former Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Sheree Whitfield and her ex-husband, former NFL’er, Bob Whitfield, on her OWN show, ‘Iyanla: Fix My Life’.

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The goal, or at least what we thought the goal was, to assist the two in co-parenting their two children, post divorce. And for 60 minutes (give or take), viewers (*raises hands*) watched as both Bob and Sheree opened their hearts up to what the chore of the issue is. During the episode, Iyanla, Oprah and Sheree tweeted their thoughts:

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Check a few highlights of the show:

By the end of the show, I, like some of you, were conflicted on whether this experience hurt or harmed their co-parenting. Especially since Bob suggests his relationship with Sheree didn’t improve much. Here’s a clip of him discussing his experience, on the show:

Overall, what were YOUR thoughts about the show? Did Iyanla fix anything? Or was more time needed to assist both in working on the kinks in their relationship, for the betterment of their children?

  • pretty girl

    We watched a hot mess. Two empty people having a problem walking away. Suck it up….you damaged your children and you refused to stop. God Bless the child that’s got it own.

  • DIVA

    I watched this and it was a MESS! Iyanla tried her best to get Sheree to open up but it just seemed like Sheree was not willing to open up and admit to she was some of the problem. I liked how Iyanla kept it real with her and told her that the house was not for the kids it was for Sheree. Sheree want to live this fake life style and it make her have a hard time being real. I wish Sheree would have just opened up and stopped acting like she was on a sitcom. This women is trying to help you and Iyanla even said at the end that it was not over they need more help. One sit down with them is not gonna work. Sheree did a lot of fake crying and blaming Bob for everything. Now on Bob he was and still is wrong but I feel like he opened up more and admitted to being wrong. I just pray for the kids because when it is all said and done the kids are the ones that are hurting. Let’s pray that this does not be a generation curse and they kids end up the same way in they relationships because clearly we can see they both married each other for the wrong reason. Bob married her because he felt it was the right thing to do since she was pregnant but he didn’t love her and Sheree married because of the life style…fame & fortune…now look at them. Iyanla need about 10 more episodes with them. :)

  • DIVA

    Ooooh I forgot to say Sheree is BITTER!! Girl let it go let this man have contact with his kids without you because clearly this man want to have a relationship with his kids but don’t want to be bothered with you. I think from watching this Sheree is the one that is keeping them kids from that man because she want that man to by down to her and do whatever she say do. She too bitter for me…girl let it go so you can have peace and move on with your life. Trust I am still not saying Bob is an angel in all this but I can see if he has tried Sheree interfered the whole time. They got to do better. The need to fall down on they knees and ask God for a forgiving spirit so they can let the past stay in the move and they can look to the future. Poor Kids! :(

  • The Mrs

    Sheree seems to be the problem.She does not listen. Bob didnt seem as bad.That house is is mess. How did she think she could afford that, and how does she make money. She didnt wanna touch him but she didnt have a problem with it when she was making those children. By the time they figure out how to co-parent those kids will be grown. IT is a serious matter to have children. Yes its cute to be pregnant and to have a little tiny baby but guess what that baby is going to grow up and that daddy might not be around.SO when the doctor says your pregnant just consider and prepare that you might be a single mom. Don’t live in a Fairytale.

    • DIVA

      True @ The Mrs. I feel the same way…Sheree is the PROBLEM. You also hit the nail on the top when you said when we as women have kids we need to face that fact that it could be a possibility that we will be raising that kid on our on.

  • vapariga

    Watching this just validated what I felt about Sheree on RHOA & Iyanla hit the nail on the head. She is a bitch & a very bitter woman who cannot seem to let go of the anger that she has for this man. I agree with DIVA & The Mrs. ^^… we know Bob is no angel in this BUT he did seem more open & honest about what was really going on and more sincere about trying to get to a civil place for his children to fix it. I can truly see Sheree acting in the way he described, so can you blame a brotha?! This woman appears to be difficult to deal with on any level (even towards Iyanla), point blank period! She is keeping him from those kids because it’s not on her terms. And that Chateau Sheree b/s is all about her (as Iyanla & Bob both said), she keeps trying to perpetrate a lifestyle that she really cannot afford. It is not about those kids and giving the house that name says it all. Iyanla needs more than one session for sure but she definately gave good food for thought. Hopefully they both can get past their personal bitterness for one another and focus on their children & what’s best for them because at this point, they’re creating a future of problems for Cairo & Caleigh (sp?)… when they begin having their own relationships, it’s going to reflect right back to their parents & their upbringing. So sad.

  • It’s so important that parents must remember that their kids are always watching, listening and mimicking you until they grow up and no the difference between what’s right in a relationship and what’s wrong.

    When it’s disfunctional between parents the unfortunate conclusion is that your kids think this is normal way to behave between adults and it becomes an neverending cycle passed on from their children and so on and so forth until their generation recognizes the difference in having a healthy relationship.