[Video] Husbands Jump to Walter Jackson’s Defense In RHOA Reunion + Watch Final Epsiode

Written by thejasminebrand in Blog
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Part 3 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion aired Sunday night, ending a season 5 of the popular BRAVO show. All we can say is, while it was entertaining, wer’re sorta-kinda glad it’s over! The finale included the majority of the husbands defending Kenya’s ex-boyfriend, Walter Jackson, along with accusations that Kenya was twitter flirting with Phaedra’s husband, Apollo. Check out some twitter shots below, along with Sunday’s final reunion episode.

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  • vapariga

    Walter must be quite the b/s’r! He got over on Kenya (which is not hard) but he also won over the guys as well. Too funny! Gotta give it to him there but otherwise, WALTER HAVE A SEAT! You are a tow truck owner/driver/entrepreneur who has gotten very lucky with your 15 min. of fame! And while you’re talking about truth, truth be you need to thank Kenya that you are now known in the public eye! Moving on …. Kandi’s man is laid back, seems like he has a lot of sense & is very handsome. I Love Greg & NeNe’s realness! Peter is a big mouth! And Apollo is FINE as hell but Phaedra better watch out. Too pretty almost = too much trouble! Having babies never kept no man & he’s already slipped up with his true feelings about her on that show once or twice, especially while drinking. Remember him having a conversation with Peter at Peter’s club, saying “do you know who I married? I married a beast”! And then of course, his outright flirting with Kenya, I wouldn’t bet on this marriage to last for a lifetime.

  • The Mrs

    Apollo is so disrespectful OMG. How dare he say he could have had sex with her in front of his wife. Porsha talks with a lot of sense afterall.

  • vapariga

    @ The Mrs… because he can & she will sit there and make excuses for him while he’s at it! He is very disrespectful.

    • The Mrs

      @vapariga. Its amazing how she got pregnant by him during all this. I would have been using protection until I figured out what to do with him.If hes texting with Kenya who else is he texting…. Now thats the sugar mama not Kandi. The woman is always mad at the woman and not at the man. I think if Kenya wants children she should just go to the sperm bank or something.Save her some time and a headache.

  • Resa

    I don’t understan why NeNe gets a pass. She’s hits, and is then flabbergasted when she’s hit back. Which is why she never got along with Kim. Kim always hit back, as does Kandi, as did Sheree…and Phaedra……all the women she can’t seem to get along with.

    • DIVA

      EXACTLY @ Resa I don’t understand how NeNe get a pass either. She always calling people out but when they hit back and it hurt her she play victim. You right NeNe can’t hang with Phaedra, Kandi, Sheree or Kim because they always hit her back in the face and it hurts.


    I wish all the men of RHOA take cues from Todd and just sit & look pretty

  • m&m

    I think the mate part of the reunion was way overdone. If you think back to all 3 parts, 85% of it was about Kenya, so rather you like her or not, she accomplished her goal. Peter is still rude as heck, and why Phaedra as so focused on calling Kenya names, you can tell she as shocked to hear her husband has been texting her. Phaedra just needs to go! sneaking, manipulative, conniving, just plain old dirty. A lot of her dirt came out. She so wrong.

    • Anonymous

      All kenya’s skeletons fell out of the closet. Men usually don’t get involved in women issues, but when they do that means the woman must really be doing something wrong. Todd didn’t say anything because he didn’t have any interaction with Kenya. Walter should have been there to defend himself. It would be only fair. My opnion is they didn’t want him there because he was telling the truth.

      • Oracle5

        Birds of the same FEATHER flock together. Supporting Walter? Reason: Could it be, that their tendencies are the same as Walter’s? How sleazy to take your wife to a Strip Joint to look at live pornography Both Peter and Apollo in so many words have told their wives to HIT THE RODE. Thus catch the next train out of town.

        • Oracle5

          The host of the RHOA introduced the men as SIGNIFICANT OTHERS Instead of HUSBANDS or in Kandi”s and Nene’s position FIANCE.

  • Razzi

    I gained SO much more respect for Porsha after this reunion episode. Everything she said in her mini-rant made sense. I like how she said she looked up to the wives and admired each of them. That was very big of her….

    I wish Kenya wasn’t coming back next season. She is so full of it. I wish Walter wouldve walked onto the stage and shut her DOWN! I like how the husbands took up for him, in his absence.

    Apollo and Kenya are just YUCK together. She was wrong for texting him and he was wrong for continuing to reply and entertain her.

    • Oracle5

      Phaedra calling Kenya slanderous names? Is a lawsuit in her future from Kenya? Walter need to stay in his LANE. Porsha is a hypocrite. She would do so much better returning to Evangelism. She is a very good Evangelist. How can a man say to a woman in the present of his wife: If you had pressed on me some more I would have done IT with you.