Look! Beyonce & Jay-Z Forget To Cover Blue Ivy’s Face Up for Paris Photogs

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b-jay-z-blue ivy-beyonce-lunch in paris 2013-the jasmine brand

Beyonce and Jay-Z have given up on hiding Blue Ivy’s face from the public…at least outside of the states.

jay-z-blue ivy-beyonce-lunch in paris 2013-the jasmine brand

This week, in between putting on show-stopping performances for the Mrs. Carter Show, Bey and Jay were spotted bringing their curly headed daughter, Blue Ivy, out for lunch at Szptime restaurant, in Paris. Cute! P.S. Be Nice!

beyonce-jayz-blue ivy carter-lunch in paris-the jasmine brand

beyonce-blue ivy-jay-z-lunch in paris-the jasmine brand


blue ivy-beyonce-lunch in paris-szptime-the jasmine brand

beyonce-jayz-lunch in paris-the jasmine brand


jay-z kisses-blue ivy carter at lunch-the jasmine brand


blue ivy carter-lunch with jay-z-in paris-the jasmine brand

  • vapariga

    Well its about time they stop trying to cover up this beautiful baby! She is adorable…really. As for Jay…he needs to comb those beady-beads! They look like a happy family though, good for them :-)

    • Fun Fact About Jay-Z … he doesn’t cut his hair when he records an album :)

    • Miss Truth Hurts

      IT looks like a boy, and looks more and more like IT’S ugly a$$ daddy everyday. Aint sh!t cute about this funny lookin a$$ baby….TRUTH!

      • Resa

        What do YOU look like. Note-missing pic.

      • The real truth teller

        The problem is that you are a real hater of bey$$, Jay$$ and their beautiful baby. I wonder what do you look like. I got the answer “SHIT”.

      • vapariga

        @Miss Truth Hurts – only hate & misery spews out of a mouth like yours… I hope you don’t plan on having any (or already have a child, talking about an innocent “beautiful” baby like that. Regardless of how you feel about her parents (obviously) what is wrong with you and the many others out there who talk about children? That is really sad and not to mention mean. (IT <– really?) damn.

  • Razzi

    She is too cute!!!! She looks just like Jay-Z with a tiny hint of Beyonce… Maybe they can just put one of those headbands on her head with the huge flowers on it :-)
    She’s tall for 15 months.. She has no idea just how famous her parents are- that’s the beauty and innocence of being a child :-)

  • MsJae

    Aww! She’s all Jay with a hint of Bey!

  • Dubb-B(female type)

    I think she’s the perfect mix of both of them! She is a cutie though nonetheless!

  • lauren

    What a cutie!! Look at all that love her daddy is showering on her; it’s good to see such a happy family :)

  • What happen to the days when you comb your childs hair.When my daughter was that age she had puffballs and barretts even ballies in her hair.I notice nowadays alot of the famous let the hair go.She’s still a cutie though:)

    • Anonymous

      She is beautiful!!!! Her hair is just fine. She doesn’t need all the tension on her hair. As you can see it is not all even because that baby hair is falling out making way for permanent hair. She is just gorgeous! You can see the love!

      • Drea

        Girl hush about that tension crap, African American hair needs to be combed or it falls out.

        • DIVA

          @ Drea…I am on the floor rolling and lol. You are so right African American kids do need they hair combed and Jay Z & Bey know that baby need her hair combs. They don’t need to forget what race they are. Hell Bey momma combed her hair when she was that little.

  • Metoo

    Cute, cute! So happy for them.

  • Joy

    She is super adorable! They can still rub a little bit pink oil moisturizer in her hair and comb thru it…there’s no harm in that

    • DIVA

      Yes I agree put some pink oil moisturizer on her hair and brush through it then put it up in a pony tail.

  • Page

    First let me say the baby girl is cute :) Now, YES they could have combed that child’s hair! Don’t give me that hair tension crap, lol! Ain’t nobody trying to put a lace front on that baby! There are tons of little girls who get their hair comb and it NEVER effects their permanent hair from coming in just find. We can keep it real. The baby is cute and the baby hair need to be combed, lol! Dang it’s not that hard or serious :)

  • jay

    everyone stop hateing, by the time blue ivy grows up shes both her parrents will have a combined net worth of over 1 billion dollars all for her to inherit.

    • ?

      How is saying they could comb the baby’s head hating?

      • DIVA

        Saying they need to comb that baby hair does not mean somebody is “Hating” they are just speaking the truth!

  • Drea

    She’s a cute baby but they do need to comb lil mama’s hair . She’s cute though that’s to all those people who made those nasty pictures of what she’d look like!

  • Anonymous

    my favorite beautiful family, Jay Z the baby and Beyonce

  • Oracle5

    What a beautiful baby! Brush or comb her curly hair!

    • DIVA

      She is BEAUTIFUL and yes they need to comb/brush her hair.

  • Ms. TEE

    She is a cutie but can we get Kim Kimble or Ms. Lawrence to do that hair.

  • Teresa


  • Teresa

    Maybe baby was hungry and they went down for breakfast and will fix it later.

  • te

    shes not ugly hair need to b comb