Kordell Stewart Reminisces About Estranged Wife, Porsha, On Instagram

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For a man that wants a divorce from his reality star wife, some would argue that he sure isn’t acting like it. No need to relive the story–The short and dirty is that over a month ago, ex-NFL’er Kordell Stewart surprisingly served his Real Housewives of Atlanta wife, Porsha Stewart, with divorce papers. Actually, she allegedly found out on twitter, but that’s another story. So what’s the latest? Well, while we were minding our social media business (not really), we peeped the photo above. It was posted early Sunday morning (with no caption), but it looks like the photo was taken during happier times. Meanwhile, Porsha seems to be moving forward with officially ending things. When asked during an interview with Hollywood Life, if she’d consider reconciliation, she explained:

“You know, I really don’t have the space in my mind to consider that right now. I’m in the middle of a divorce, so reconciliation is not at the top of my list. So, that’s not something I’m thinking about.”

Check the full interview below out:

P.S. What are your thoughts at about Kordell posting Instagram of his estranged wife? Innocent or is he hinting that he’d like baby boo back?

P.S.S. Below are the most recent instagram photo from Porsha:

Screen shot 2013-04-28 at 7.02.18 PM
With the caption:

Take a couple minutes & Visit (YouTube) and allow this to bless you as it has blessed me! ???? Bishop TD Jakes – Nothing Just Happens. Let them go.

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7 Comments to “Kordell Stewart Reminisces About Estranged Wife, Porsha, On Instagram”

  1. Miss AG says:

    Well well well is all I’ll say. Well!

  2. The Mrs says:

    Is he serious?? A grown man still playing games.Yeah that grass isnt to green on the other side . No he sees shes moving on.I’m sure he thought she was going to fall down and crumble without him.

    • DIVA says:

      EXACTLY @ The Mrs…he thought this girl was going to crumble but it looks like she is on top and I bet his attorney told him he is on the losing end due the informing her about the divorce on twitter and Porsha on the ATL Housewife Reunion show crying saying how she will stick by her husband and support him. It looks like Porsha is looking really good on this divorce.

  3. Yakini says:

    Looks like he’s missing her. That much is clear. smh. Well God bless ’em both, whatever they decide to do.

  4. vapariga says:

    Either he is coming to his senses (maybe a little to late), maybe they are working on things or he is just missing what he had. Probably trying to clean up his image or fool public perception. Either way, I think this man has some real issues. I’m all for trying to work on a marriage but Porsha if you do girl, PROCEED WITH CAUTION!!!!!

  5. CocktailJay says:

    That’s how they do. You made your decision…move the hell on. These boys.

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