[WATCH] The Brain’s Behind ‘Married to Medicine’s’ Mariah Huq Talks Growing Pains, RHOA Comparisons + Why She Considers Mona Scott-Young An Inspiration

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Who says doctor’s wives can’t do it all? Mariah Huq, co-creator and reality star Bravo’s Married To Medicine is the self-proclaimed Queen Bee of the cast. And four episodes later, she, along with the entire cast have folk buzzing about one of the most networks watched shows. Recently, theJasmineBrand.com, recently sat down with the mother of two for a personal conversation about , best friend and cast mate Quad Webb-Lunceford. She also dished on comparisons to Real Housewives of Atlanta and why she admires Mona Scott-Young.  [Editor’s Note: The interview was held prior to the controversial fight between Mariah and castmate, Toya.] Check out excerpts from the interview below:

 On how she came up with the concept for ‘Married To Medicine’: 

Honestly, it was very easy… I had some complications [with my son]; they thought I had a pulmonary embolism, which was a blood clot in my heart.  The crazy part was my husband was taking care of other people, but he couldn’t really be at my bedside like I wanted him to be–so I started journaling, not just thoughts.  This is my life now as a doctor’s wife you sacrifice so much, we live, we work, and we play with doctors.  All of our neighbors, we really do– so I thought it was a great story to share with the world.  It was our life and it was real. The doctor’s wives have your own sort of culture.

 On if doctor’s wives are similar to wives of athletes:

Yes, I think that there is a perception of how we should be and I think that some of us like Quad and myself don’t fit that mode and that’s what makes the show so interesting to me. But yes, there is a culture–there is certain things about being proper and really just supporting your husband’s career; maybe giving up your own.  I think there is an expectation of doctor’s wives.

On how the show came together:

[It took] Four and half years.  To be honest with you it was at the point where I was like ‘Lord honey, maybe we need to do Plumber’s Wives or something because this too much’. But it’s crazy the way God works, because when Bravo hit other networks started calling too.  I had TLC, I had VH1.  Honey she was a hot commodity!  Everybody wanted me. I pitched to people like Stan Lathan, Russell Simmons; so I had some great people over my shoulders helping me say this is what you should do, this is good, change this, and I just kept on it until I perfected it.

On how the cast was chosen for the show: 

I feel like this show is great and will last because it’s real.  I’ll tell you, Quad is my best friend for real.  We’ve been best friends for years.  Dr. Simone delivered my first baby and my aunt used to be her nanny.  My aunt was her kids’ nanny.  Toya, our husbands are both ER doctors and work with the same group.  Keri, my husband and her husband were friends.  Jackie was Dr. Simone’s best friend and I knew her by way of that.  It just really all came together and it really truly made sense because this was my circle of friends all separately, but I brought them together.

On what she can and can’t do as a producer of the show: 

When I agreed to be on the show I somewhat gave up a lot of my creative rights because it’s not fair to the other women and at the end of the day when you see me as cast, I’m a cast member. Yes, I am producer and that’s more on the business side of things and I helped create this.  I was a master mind behind it and I’m gonna be okay, however I can’t say ‘Fire her because she said something to me’.  It doesn’t work like that.


On her opinion of other reality TV producers, like Mona Scott Young:

I admire Mona because she has been in the entertainment business for years from working with Missy and doing other stuff; she has done phenomenal.  I think just to see someone progress and remain and stay relevant in Hollywood is phenomenal in itself, especially for a black woman and behind the camera as well.  I just think she is doing a phenomenal job.

On the backlash Mona receives because Love & Hip Hop: 

When you sign up for a TV show, a reality show, you pretty much know that your life is gonna be on a platform and it may end up being on the chopping block.  People will criticize you and you’re under a miscroscope and at the end of the day whether that’s good or bad she just show it.

On the show being compared to Real Housewives of Atlanta:

I actually think it’s a compliment.  Real Housewives of Atlanta is one of the top rated shows, not just reality shows, but shows on Sunday nights.  I think what those women have done is phenomenal.  NeNe and Kandi’s created an entire enterprise.  I don’t take it as a insult.  I think they’re beautiful black women doing their thing and I think we’re doing the same thing.

On Nene Leakes referring to ‘Married to Medicine’ as ‘copy cats’:  

I think Phaedra went to Law school and I think if I’m not mistaken I think that, but none of them are medical doctors so we didn’t copy that.  I think everybody is married on the show, I think some of the women are getting engaged and getting married now or whatever. All of us are college educated, all of us have families, and most of us have businesses so I’m not sure what we’re copy catting.  I would hope that a lot of grown women are doing some of the similar things, but I don’t think in terms of personalities there is no comparison.  I think it’s just totally different cast.

Screen shot 2013-04-28 at 9.06.39 PM

On if she is surprised that best friend Quad has seemingly become the fan favorite:

No, absolutely not!  I’ve always seen that in Quad.  That’s why I wanted her to be a part of this.  I wanted to share this moment with her.  I couldn’t think of a better person.  I felt like she deserved it and I felt like it would be fun for me if my Quad was a part of it. I wanted us to share this. I think I love her realness.  I think I like that she is real and I love that she is so fun, like Quad is just a happy go jolly person like very hyper.  That’s just her, that’s who she is and she’s positive.

On how she describes her cast mates in one word: 

Quad: Fun

Keri: Phony

Dr. Jackie: Judgmental

Dr. Simone: Cool

Toya: Dumb

On what she hopes viewers learn about doctors wife from the show: 

I hope that people can see that we’re regular people, but I hope they can see a lot of the sacrifice(s) that are made for our spouses to go out and save lives and to help other people.  I hope they can see that we’re regular people and that’s a lot of balance and we’re not just stay at home moms.  We really truly make a lot of sacrifices and I hope that they can see that and even about our spouses.  See how much they give up, how many birthday parties they have to miss to go save their patients and how committed they are so I hope people can see that.

On what the show taught her most about herself:

It taught me to never say what I won’t do.  I never thought as a grown mother of two, wife, business woman, college educated woman, savvy, sophisticated, sassy lil thang, I never thought that I would be fighting on TV.  It taught me anything is possible.  Never say what you will or won’t do until you are in a situation.

Watch the entire interview below.

Part One

Part Two

[email protected], Video/Photography: Blanco Bleu

  • Lovelylegs

    Great interview Jasmine!

  • The Mrs

    why is Nene so negative. Is it only room for 1 show with women of color. She talks a good one but NENE is so FAke. stop judging then and support one another!! Thats just why we are always bringing each other down.

    • Resa

      I said the same thing. Her fans call it keeping it real. Her maturity hasn’t grown alongside her career.

  • Great Interview

  • Resa

    Love it Jas! Very informative.

  • thanks, y’all :)

  • Oracle5

    Well, it would do some good if you would be a copycat of the RHOA and not physically fight on the SHOW.

  • J.Denise

    I want her to be my big sister. She has such an awesome outlook on life, and such a humble spirit.

  • Miss AG

    Kudos on this interview Jasmine. It was a relaxed any easy flowing convo. I like!

  • Amy

    I read some of this interview, & I’m so glad that I saw that tweet that NeNe sent out. I follow her on twitter, & I do like her some of the time, but I have had 2 bust her chops at least once on twitter. I’m hoping to keep her as grounded as possible when I send her my tough love tweets. I have watched this show, & to me, they are housewives as the ladies on RHOA, & as we all know, some of them aren’t even married! As far as Mariah is concerned, I’m not really feeling her altogether. It seems she has some fakeness & cattiness with her. So she might want to work on that. I mean, did you all see that Alexis Carrington red hat that she wore to the dog charity event? Come on.. & I’m not even going to comment on that unfortunate fight..

  • Robin

    Great interview, I just wish Mariah was more transparent. Her hatred for Toya makes her appear weak and vindictive. I am not sure why she is so up in arms about the adoption being mentioned on camera by Toya but it was in no way a negative dig at her daughter and it has only been blown out of context by Mariah and her family. The fight was ridiculous and shameful! Mariah says that Toya talked about her mother but as a viewer the only thing we saw on camera was Toya approach her (bad timing) and ask “why is your mother going off on me”. I think the show could be a great show if they stop all the pettiness and back-biting.

  • Anonymous

    I think Mariah and Quad have a genuine friendship. Neither of them speaks terribly of each other. I like the fact that they have their own language to communicate. Both Quad and Mariah are intelligent – every sista needs a true friend. This was a great interview.

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