[WATCH] Ray J References Sex Tape, Uses Kim Kardashian Look Alike In ‘I Hit It First’ Video

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rayj-i hit it first-kim zolciak look alike-the jasmine brand

The official video for Ray J’s ‘I Hit It First’ video has finally leaked. Initially, we (and most of you) were under the impression that the song was inspired by the singer’s highly publicized relationship with Kim Kardashian.

ray j-i hit it first video-b-kim kardashian look alike-the jasmine brand

But according to Ray J, the song isn’t about Kim at all. In an interview, he disputed that theory, explaining:

It’s not about that, it’s about a concept. People going way too deep. They just gotta keep it on the surface. I’m not trying to create no war. It’s all love. Like its a song, we just having fun-that’s it.

And while most of us don’t believe him, the video that dropped overnight, CERTAINLY hasn’t convinced us of any different.

ray j-i hit it first video-kim kardashian look alike-the jasmine brand

The three minute video’s leading lady arguably resembles Kim. What’s more? A reference to the ex couples sex tape is also featured in the video, but of course is PG-13, unlike their original version.

And now for the video:

ray j-i hit it first-kim zolciak look alike video-the jasmine brand

ray j-i hit it first-kim kardashian look alike-c-the jasmine brand


  • Zaira

    That’s why Ray J will always be a little boy and never a man.

  • Umm No

    This is why nobody takes him seriously, he is a clown. He knows what he’s doing. Nobody’s thinking about Ray..and I won’t even press play to give his counter one more view. haha, so something positive with that energy like helping some kids, or feeding the homeless.

  • keesha

    He is such a lame.

  • The Mrs

    cornball. he needs to be a man and say yes thats what im doing. he still looks like a kid ewwww…no wonder she left him.

  • Adia Jones

    I want to apologize first, but I have to do it.
    For ONE I just got pulled away from my work to witness this foolishness and for TWO I’m gonna NEED Kanye West to slap this fool with A 20lb BIG BAG OF NICKELS!!!!!!

    Ray J is “Brandy’s lil brother” and will always be.
    He ain’t hit jake first. They ONLY reason that “sex tape” became popular is because Kim Kardashian is the daughter of Robert Kardashian who was on OJ Simpson’s defense team for the OJ Simpson trial and she was also a stylist to the some of the celebrities at the time.
    I’m saying ALL this to say that Ray J did not “Put her down” or “Hit it first”…. She actually put him down. If it was any other chick no one would have made a big deal out of it but because it was Kim Kardashian, it was blown up.

    I may sound like a an advocate for Kim Kardashian, lol… but I’m only speaking my mind on this issue because Ray J officially burns my piss.
    He is a CLOWN!! And even for the women and dudes that claim she is a “freak or hoe”… I bet money if we put some of y’all past out there, ALLLLLLL of the BONES would fall out that joint..HA!!

    Anyway, I’m off my soup box. I just had to address this COON FROM THE MOON.
    Using that women to make himself relevant for a hot second again!!
    BOY BYE… Have several seats!!

    Going back to work!!

    Signing off,

    Kim Kardashian’s advocate, lol!!!!!

    • SNAPA

      OMG!!! “Burns my piss”…you had me laughing out loud at MY job!! Thanx KKs Advocate

    • M.Dot

      Coon from the Moon. I love that and he is really becoming, unbecoming

  • Cityboy

    So you hit it first? So what? Good for you!…AND IN THAT ORDER!!

  • sMOKEY

    Really RayJ..??? like forreal. have a seat boy. youre so effin childish for this shit. i hope you dont make a dollar off this wack ass song. little ass boy.


    I am sooo mad at myself…I hit the “play” button because my nosiness got the better of me…ARGHHHHH!

  • Miss AG

    I’m lmao because -> I turned it up and was dancing my tail off. I’m really not tripping off the “Kim”, its wateva. If no one knew about them and he made the song cause she moved on many would be throwing up their hands [like me] and breaking sweat on the dance floor.

    I always like RJay and always saw the “Brandy’s lil bro” title. He does have a voice but hey ppl who was mad KK got famous off a sex tape have mow turned their Grrrrr towards RayJ. Anyway everyone entitled to either like or hate the song, the singer or both.

    I like both and guess what. I’m about to hit play again. Lololol #peace ;)

  • Miss AG

    Ok…whew, I’m tired.
    Just wanna say this is a club banger and may girls will ne twerking to this. While I’m at it just let me add….RayJ is a handsome foine chocolate fella ;D

  • helen

    What is all the drama about with this song? Kim Kardasian made the drama when she did a sex tape in order to get famous. Then she goes on a French magazine for a naked photo session with Kanye. Let’s face, once trash, always trash. I can’t tell who is more trasher–Ray J, Kim K.

  • sexy love

    He is jealous and is a real hater. grow up mien. you have apperantly no sense at all. Anything for money i guess. Kaye just need to bring out a remix joint.lol

  • darkerparker

    ray j sexing her made her whole family money with that sex tape scandal. no one should have anything to say about what they both did. kanye is the bird ass bitch. that is trying to make a whore a housewife. smh!!!! one more fact that is public knowledge. let’s see from the big easy to america’s favorite team to canada to the nets to her former body guard. who haven’t she slept with? oh my bad and kanye the soft ass rapper.

  • alot of you are women judging by your comment,kim is just been hunted by her pass.I don’t knw why u women tryin to defend her when we all know that’s her style.she is the morden day CLEOPATRA,using her body to get media attention.don’t be suprise when she sleep with JZ.

    • M.Dot

      We are not defending her per se, I am pretty sure majority of us are not stans of Kim K in any fashion. But he is doing thee most, continuously bringing up their/Her past in sucha tasteless manner. We all know the Kardashians seek attention to the 8th power, but this man is seeking and reaching higher than them.

  • Anonymous

    Bottom Line….He’s a COWARD!!!! It’s painfully obvious the song is about her now he has a look-a-like in the video and you claim we’re looking too deep?! You don’t wanna start a war? Hmmm…Smells like a coward to me! I’m kinda anxious to hear what kanye has to say on this one and if he will be ripping brandy’s little brother a new one in an upcoming song.