[WATCH] Lil Mo Says She Will Sing Circles Around Keri Hilson & Keyshia Cole + Hints She’s Break-Out Star of ‘R&B Divas LA’

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This week, soulful singer and new reality star, Lil Mo (real name Cynthia Loving) took her talents to ‘The Breakfast Club’. The Washington, DC native is in full promo mode, pushing her new reality show ‘R&B Divas LA‘. The mother of four opened up about never receiving a red cent from singing hooks for Murder Inc., which artists in the game she can ‘sing circles around’ and why she kept help but steal the show on her new reality TV show.

Peep a few excerpts.

On the fact that she was never paid for her collaborations with Ja Rule: 

At first when I was younger, I use to blame it on them. That’s their admin department. And no I never got a check; not even got paid. I stayed faithful, really to the game.

On if she was ever paid properly for collaborations with Fabolous: 

No, we don’t ever charge each other. Our paperwork good. We have so many songs together. Even to this day.

On if she’s still upset with Keyshia Cole over her comments about Michelle Williams and Beyonce: 

I don’t have an issue with her. I felt some type of way, she shaded Michelle first. I feel like when you try to attack (what you think is) the weakest link, be careful. Why are you tryna come for her? She’s at the Superbowl. B*tch you ain’t there. It’s all about how you delivered. You start  naming names, you make yourself a target. She’s not gonna say it nobody’s face.

On if she can sing better than the following artists: 


That broad can dance.

Keri Hilson:



Not better than me.

Keyshia Cole:

Circles. If they (she, Olivia and Keri Hilson) were a group and backed by Roc Nation.


She knows I can sing better than her. I have swag, but I have church.


I love her. Her swag is just like a rapper. Whoever produces her show, I want them to start a class.

On her vocal capabilities: 

You wake me up. I can tear a church. I can rock with Fab.

On if reality TV is something that she was always interested in: 

Yes. It’s not what I thought it would be. I thought they just follow you and you just find good points in my life. It’s totally not what…It’s like a story-board. They’ll say, ‘Today, we’re going to do this’. You’ll just see who I get along with–it’s who you least expect.

On hinting that she’s the break-out star of the show:

Look, everything I’m invited to, I take over. When I do TV, you’re gonna wanna see me in my element.

On why she stopped doing music: 

I felt like I was being consumed. When I first came out, right after I got married and stuff like that, then I got divorced. Just seeing my kids. I didn’t wanna miss them growing up. I said I can always dip back in. I tried the indie thing–that didn’t work.

On people thinking she was a one-hit wonder and why she quit radio: 

B*tch you better look at my credits. A lot people don’t know what I’ve been apart of. I did radio. I just did a one year contract. I was in DC at the time. It was just fun. It afforded me opportunities to get out there.

Watch the full interview below.

  • Joy

    She’s not a one hit wonder, she’s was around for awhile back in the day. It sounds like she was taken advantage of in her younger days in the music bus. She would def sing circles around Keisha Cole & Kari Hilson….her voice is a power house!

  • Razzi

    She can definitely SANG!!!! She’s an amazing vocalist. I may watch R&B Diva’s just to see her on the show!

  • Shannon

    I think she needs to have a seat. I like Lil Mo and she definitely can sing but i think it was just tacky how she responded about singing better then the other ladies. Granted she was just answering a question that she was asked, but all those women are talented in their own right. You mad at KC for talking slick about Michelle but in the same breath you do the same thing talking about the other ladies. Anyway, I will be tuned in to the R&B Diva’s LA lol.

    • I love how you ended it, ‘But Anyway, I will be tuned in …” LOL me too.

      • Anonymous

        Whatever , I dont like what Keyshia cole said , and I agree with her , she shouldnt be talking , but on the other hand , lil mo has been out the loop for a while …so regardless of what she did , SHE STILL must come out all over again for the ppl . who DONT KNOW HER and her music… and yes she can sing.

  • DIVA

    I love me some Lil Mo. That girl know she can sannnngggg…when she did just that little clip I had to keep rewinding to hear it again. That girl voice is beautiful. I can’t wait for her to drop a CD. I also love her confidence in herself. I can respect Lil Mo because she is straight forward what you see is what you get. Team Mo

  • Miss AG

    I couldnt help but laugh when she said sje would sing circles around them even if they were backed by Roc Nation. Lil Mo don’t mince wrds. Power house os right though and def not a 1 hit wonder.