With 9 Costume Changes, Tina Knowles Says Beyonce Changes In 40 Seconds Flat for Mrs. Carter Show

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Mama Tina Knowles, says very little these days. For the most part, we (fans, stans and critics) ocassionally see her in the background, maybe a funny pose or two backstage aware, but very lowkey. What we do know, is that from day one, in some form or fashion, she’s been involved in the creative process of Beyonce. In addition to running ‘House of Dereon’, Mama Tina is involved with Bey’s ‘Mrs. Carter Show‘. In a recent interview with Grazia Daily, she gave some insight on what actually goes on behind the scenes with the mega star’s wardrobe.

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Peep a few quotes.

On inspiration for some of her wardrobe on the show:

‘Regal and royal was the theme of the wardrobe. We took a cue from the O2’s commercial which had a queen theme. For the very first scene, Ralph & Russo created these amazing stage outfits because we wanted something over the top and queen-like but modern. They nailed it with the white outfit.’

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On Bey’s camp trying to find new designers:

‘It’s been great to work with some amazing designers. Beyonce’s worked with almost every brand and we try to discover new designers too. Ty Hunter and Raquel Smith are Beyonce’s stylists and they’re always in search for new designers to bring in.’

On how Beyonce has mastered quick costume changes and how the team accommodates the rapid speed pace:

‘Beyonce makes nine costume changes so you’re going to have little things that go wrong. You just have to think really quickly because you literally have 30 or 40 seconds to change so she’s become a master at it. The designer pieces are beautiful but the team here put in zippers and hidden openings. There are little secrets we can do and there’s lots of double-sided tape! We practice the quick changes as much as possible but often the outfits aren’t totally settled until the day of the concert. And it’s an ongoing process. Beyonce studies her performances on film and makes changes for two to three weeks during the tour so things can change at any time.’

Click here to read the full interview.


  • kay p

    le *sigh*
    congratulations on learner the art of a quick change. Performers before you have been mastering it for years.
    Why does everyone act like she’s reinventing the wheel.
    can we be done with the manufactured greatness.

    • Tazzy


    • Miss AG

      Lolol Oh gosh it’s not just me

      • Anonymous

        They are not saying she is doing something new, they are just letting you know what she does and how she does it. People stop looking for the negative in everything. Stop reading it if it bothers you.

  • 40 seconds? that’s dedication!