[UPDATED] Did Blue Ivy Make Her Debut On Stage During Beyonce’s ‘Mrs. Carter’ Show?

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Watching this reminds me of that magical moment when the late Whitney Houston brought Bobbi Kristina out on stage during one of her performances. Over the weekend, Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter Show World Tour continued in London. Towards the end of the show, Beyonce performed her hit ‘Irreplaceable’ for concert goers. At the end of the song, a little girl (presumably Blue Ivy), rocking a dress, along with some headphones (to protect her ears from the overwhelming sound) came on stage, holding Bey’s hand. Check the footage (fast forward to the 5:45 mark for the cameo).

Do you think that was Blue Ivy or some other lucky little girl that hopped on stage for a bit?

Screen shot 2013-05-05 at 1.48.55 PM

jayz-the mrs carter show-london-the jasmine brand

UPDATED: Beyoncé’s rep tells E! News that that the cute little girl above is NOT Blue Ivy, but simply an adorable little concertgoer who happened to be in attendance at the concert and was lucky enough to make her way onstage.

[Global Grind, E!]

  • The Mrs

    I doubt that she would be that foolish to do something like that.

    • mrs. kc

      UM duhh. obviously that’s Blue Ivy. -____-.

      • The Mrs

        If it was so obvious it would be splashed all over the place saying she was on the stage with her mother. Thats not something the media would let go. They had a field day when her chair was next to her mothers, so really dont u think it would be on tv by now.

        • Miss AG

          Lmao….especially with Jasmine’s update. Ummm duuuh lol

  • Miss AG

    I have absolutely no clue..but maybe

  • BAB

    Child looks a little too big to be Blue…

  • Anonymous

    That bed head hair looks like BLUE

  • Anonymous

    Hell….if the person could hold the damn camera still for a minute! LOL…but no seriously; to me it looks like that baby belonged to the fan in the audience & she just lifted her up there for a minute. Bey wasn’t very emotionally interactive w/the baby & I agree, she looked too big to be Blue. I think Daddy Jay would’ve been holding her in that case, and I don’t think they would be all up in that mix of people either.

  • Lacey

    Umm that side shot of Beyonce’s stomach in the first photo was not the business, lol!