First Openly Gay NBA Baller, Jason Collins, Setting His Sights On A Book Deal?

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 Last week, Jason Collins became the first active athlete in any of the four major sports to come out as gay.

In a whirlwind week, Collins has appeared on Good Morning America and has sat down with Oprah Winfrey for Oprah’s Next Chapter. The 34-year-old NBA baller told Winfrey during the interview:

Yes, I’m making a big declaration, but also trying to remain as private in my private life as possible, I think you more than most can attest to, ‘Yes, you’re a public figure, but we have private lives.”

Reports have surfaced that the 12-year NBA veteran is looking for a book deal. Three publishing houses have reported that they have been contacted by Collins camp about a proposed memoir about his life. But is it true? Maybe not. Collins agent explained:

As you can imagine, we’ve been inundated with all kinds of requests and various opportunities, but as of now have not had any discussions on behalf of Jason regarding a potential book deal because Jason has yet to decide if he wants to write a book. Right now my focus is preparing for Jason’s upcoming free agency and securing the best opportunity for him to continue his career.”

Collins also commented on Twitter:


Collins has garnered massive support from many including President Barack Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama, Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade. On Monday, Collins was named the headliner for the Democratic National Convention Committee’s annual gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender gala on May 29.

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  • vapariga

    I watched the interview. It was interesting, however, in the back of my mind I’m wondering why this man is being celebrated for being gay? No homo/No phobia here just wondering. And why is it a problem for Tebow to pray to Jesus and this is so accepted? Hmmmnnn. We really must be approaching the end of days.

    • Mimi

      I agree with you. I’m like, did dude find the cure for cancer or HIV? And yes, they did give Tebow a hard time. Hype, anyway, Jason Collins should have come out in the middle of his career, not at the end. Now, that, would be really courageous. He’s just a little gay black boy, who had a white girl beard, and probably has his little white boy lover. Voila, his fantasy is complete.