Chris Brown & Rihanna Continue to Bicker On Twitter, ‘She’s Not Mine If She’s Everybody Else’s.’

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Chris Brown and Rihanna are back at it again. According to the rumor mill and their own words, they’ve been ‘broken-up’, for at least two weeks or so. First, Rihanna was a no show for Chris’ 24th birthday and then, he confirmed the news during an interview on ‘The Kyle and Jackie Show’. He explained:

I mean, at the end of the day, shawty doing her thang, she on the road. It’s always gonna be love. I’m just gonna do me. I’m a grown man. Just gotta fast forward. The way I look at it is, I am always going to love that person. But people have differences and people have different wants and needs. And at the end of the day, she’s a young girl. I can’t really be focused on wife-ing somebody that young. At the end of the day. And I’m young too. So I can’t focus on that right now. I just need to fast forward and be a man and be the best Chris Brown I can be, instead of worrying about whoever else is going to be in my side pocket.

So what’s the latest? Friday afternoon, he hopped on twitter, writing:

Screen shot 2013-05-10 at 8.32.35 PM

While he didn’t @ Rihanna, some suggest that he was referring to Rihanna. And for Rihanna’s response included a few photos with her girlfriends.

Screen shot 2013-05-10 at 8.40.02 PM BTW, ‘No New Friends’ refers to a Drake song. Crazy kids.

chris brown-rihanna-break up-twitter fight-the jasmine brand

  • Kp

    This constant back and forth is getting old. I never thought I’d say it but maybe all this instant access to your “favorite” celebrity tarnishes your views of them. It’s no long about the “art” it’s more about their personal lives.

    • The Mrs

      I totally agree

      • Anonymous

        I agree also. It’s getting old.

        • Ms.Thang

          If its “getting old” then stop looking at it, your part of the problem not the solution.

  • Amara

    Chris Brown need to tighten up, it’s either you love her and stay with her, or just go your separate ways and Rihanna crazy self still went messing with him after he hit her -_-

  • Overseas Teacher

    They both are so young, dumb and hot-headed. God bless them both. 20s was a hard decade but at some point, you have to grow up and it’s best not done on twitter.

  • Miss AG

    I figured it won’t last but Ii expected it to be different….if this is indeed so #indenial

  • vapariga

    Agree…they are at that young, dumb & full of (rhyme)!…this is the kind of love that will most likely fizzle out completely by the time they get in their 30’s and mature to real adult life vs. the young party life. I think these two are almost toxic – their chemistry is probably off the chain in the bedroom but outside of that, like oil & water! Time apart is best so that they don’t get into another public mess. smh!

  • Chris Brown need to grow up I like his music and I think he’s cute.But he needs to stop being crazy and grow up.And Rihanna she needs hel he hit het