Ear Hustlin’: LHHAtl’s Mimi Faust Makes Money Off Of Joseline Hernandez’s Paid Gigs

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Let Mimi Faust tell it, whenever her Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reality TV colleague gets paid, so does she. Who am I referring to? Joseline Hernandez of course. If you’ve watched the show from season one, then you know that the father of Mimi’s child, Stevie J, manages Joseline’s music career. You also know that there’s this ongoing love triangle (that may’ve ended, but only time will tell) between Mimi, Stevie J and Joseline. This season, tension between the two women continues. And in an recent interview with the Hip Hop Socialite, Mimi talks about her tulmutous feud with Joseline, along with rekindling her friendship with K.Michelle and that infamous wax throwing fight in her home. Peep a few excerpts.

During season 1, she demanded to Stevie J that if he was doing business with Joseline, she (Mimi) would receive a percentage. On if she in fact gets a cut of Joseline’s earnings: 

Hold on. When she [Joseline] goes on the road, and comes home and drops him off money, he tells me to come pick it up. ‘Come get this money ma. She just got back and dropped it off. Come get this money.’ I’ll be right there, thank you very much sir.

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On her greatest fear about the relationship Stevie J has with Joseline: 

There’s no fear. I don’t have a fear about them. Those two are going to do what they do, and it’s going to end very badly, mark my words on that. And the whole world, we’re going to watch it play out. So let’s just keep watching. I don’t have a fear about it. Just keep that girl away from my baby.


On whether or not she thought K.Michelle was genuine when she apologized for hitting her, during the show’s screening in NYC: 

Yes, I did feel it was genuine because we actually had a conversation before that where she apologized to me. I wasn’t feeling it at that point. So when she did it again, I felt it was a little more genuine than the first. and then we sat and spoke after that as well so….she’s trying.

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On how she felt about the altercation between K.Michelle and Rasheeda, that took place during her housewarming:

You know, it’s just funny because I know that those two have had a feud for a while, I just didn’t think it would have gone that far. But K’s M.O. is picking something up and throwing it, like that’s her thing. So I was surprised, but not really.

On if she thinks Erica Dixon and Lil Scrappy will ever walk down the aisle. 

I think Erica and Scrappy have a lot of issues they need to get through before a wedding actually takes place. It’s a lot of deep-rooted things as far his infidelities and the mother…there’s some stuff they gotta work thorough before I see a wedding happening.

Click here to read the full interview.


  • Girl

    Sad way to live your life in a constant state of drama. All for a paycheck and to have everybody in our business because of TV. I don’t watch this show because it’s such non-sense. Everybody looking into the Black Culture thinks that we think this is cute and funny.

  • Miss AG

    If shr gets paid off Josline’s gig…..high5

  • Anonymous

    How can mimi give advice with what she has going on in hers? Wow…isn’t that something!

    • M.Dot

      Its easier said than done. Im pretty sure we all know that.

    • Anonymous

      Mimi is a piece of work. I don’t think she has any room to find an opinion on what someone else needs before they walk down the isle. Her front and back yard are a lil dirty if you ask me. Also feel like Nikko is just there so she won’t feel as stupid watching Stevie and Joseline have a relationship. She been at this for 15 years with Stevie. She waiting on things to fall apart with Jose so she can pick up where they left off. She might get paid off Joseline based on season 1 contract with Stevie but I doubt it.