Jay-Z’s Mother Says Her Son Melts When Blue Ivy Calls Him ‘Papa’ + Doctors Force Aretha Franklin to Cancel Appearances To Seek Treatment

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In an interview with Us Weekly, Jay-Z’s mother, Gloria Carter, beamed when discussing the relationship between her 16 month old granddaughter (Blue Ivy) and son (Jay-Z): She explained:

It warms my heart to see how he interacts with his daughter. And when she says, ‘Papa,’ he just melts. He’s a great dad.

She also shared the perks of being a grandmother:

The amazing thing about being a grandmother is that you go get the kids, but when you’re tired, you can take them home!

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She continued:

She’s very very smart. But [the TV show Babies Choice] teaches the babies that when you say hello, that means you’re going to be around. But when you say, ‘bye bye,’ it means you’re going to disappear. So when you’re around her, when she looks at you and she’s tired of you, she looks at you and she says, ‘bye bye!’ So with me I’m like, ‘No bye bye! No bye bye!’

Cute. And in other news…

aretha franklin-cancels shows-seeks treatment 2013-the jasmine brand

Aretha Franklin has canceled appearances in Chicago and Connecticut later this month under a doctor’s recommendation. The Associated Press reports that Franklin will need treatment during the time period shows were scheduled with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra on May 20 and at Foxwoods Resort & Casino in Connecticut on May 26. Janelle Monae will step in for Franklin for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Corporate Night fundraiser. No word on the type of treatment Franklin will receive.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful little girl but i just have one question….Why is her hair never combed?!!!

    • truth

      I bust out laughing at the ques…..honest question too.

      • Anonymous

        Why are we always worried abouthair? We as africans americans need to stop focusing on something so trivial and notice they are great parents! If they are not worried about it why are you? Food for thought!

    • The Mrs

      Good question. I would like to see her is some girly colors also. I dont get why angelina and brad let their daughter dress and cut her hair like a little boy either,whats going on there?. I dont care what race they are either. And just because you have a child doesnt make you a good parent.

  • vapariga

    Agree w/The Mrs. – AND…@ Anonymous, 1) how do you know the people commenting are African Americans? 2) it has nothing to do with whether people are worried about the lil girl’s hair but more of an observation and public opinion. The majority of parents usually do comb their child’s hair. It’s probably pure laziness and/or not wanting to deal with it OR the baby figitting around, whaling & crying. Call me old school but I think children need to have her hair combed. Not only does it reflect on the parent but it’s a practice that begins early on so that the child grows up taking care of their hair properly. So, munch on that!

  • vapariga

    PS…regarding hair, Halle Berry finally got the memo. Nahla’s hair has been looking very cute lately, as it should.

  • Chelsia

    They definitely have her out here looking like Solange up about the head…they can do something with that has nothing to do with what African-Americans are concerned with. People had no problem talking about Zora Jolie-Pitt with her hair all over her head for years. And let it be known that I do not appreciate Angelina and Brad dressing Shiloh like Ellen Degeneres. Anyway, Blue Ivy is a cutie..throw a head band on so we knows she’s a girl.

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  • Amanda

    I dont get. Are you people her parents? As a parent you have certain decisons to make, jay and bey made theirs. Shes their daughter not yours whatever they decided is to be done with their daughter’s hair is nobody’s business. Get over yourselves. When you have your own baby that’s if you dont already have. Comb his/her hair. A not combed hair is legal y’all.

  • TruthHurtz

    Lol..when you let a childs hair grown naturally..keeping it clean conditioned..knot free and massaging the scalp daily..the hair grows long and healthy..they know what they’re doing..Beyonce doesn’t want her daughter growing up hating her own hair..perming it at age 5 then wearing weaves by 15-16..plus they really..really don’t care what all these opinionated FANS are talking about….worry about your own hair..lol

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