[New Music] R.Kelly Hops On Kelly Rowland’s ‘Dirty Laundry’

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Just when we thought Kelly Rowland couldn’t get any personal, she does, thanks to the remix king, R.Kelly. A week before ‘Talk A Good Game’ hits, the remix to ‘Dirty Laundry’ was released on Power 105, which is just as personal as the first version. On the track, Kelly hints that perhaps after the public heard the record, the ex that she was singing of, may have attempted to reach out.

Now I’m single, with my singles I’m okay // But my singles not really sayin’ what I wanna say …Hurt, Pain, Afraid, Toxic, Down, Lost, Ashamed, Self Conscious// Infamous cloud in the sky, under this emotion // Haven’t eaten for days, havent slept in weeks…Now you hear this record, you wanna speak?

And R.Kelly speaking less about relationships, takes aim at other R&B artists biting his style.

This is off the record, this ain’t for no radio this ain’t for no sales…I’m just tryna let a mutha-f*cka know//Long story short, haters the end. Ain’t nobody got no time for that, I’m tryna win // See the truth of the matter is, everybody can’t do this and that’s why I got these sh*t talkin R&B singers on my hit list.//And they bite my style I should write a book…and when I look at TV I say ‘Got damn that’s my look’.

Take a listen below:


  • Miss AG

    I expected more…..kelly with a 2nd dope verse would have been great. RKelly is RKelly boi got skillz

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