Petition Launched To Remove Nicci Gilbert From ‘R&B Divas’, Nicci Blames Executive Producer: I’m Being Edited Unfairly

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There are three sides to every story. And from the outside looking in (*raises hands*), it’s pretty tough to remain objective and see what the real truth is, nonetheless, we shall try and paint the picture of the drama surrounding R&B Divas (Atlanta). As you know one of the show’s creators, Nicci Gilbert is one of the break-out stars, entertaining and controversial. And from what we hear, she not only has issues with cast mate Syleena Johnson, but things aren’t going too well behind-the-scenes. This week, a petition was launched, requesting that TV One remove Nicci from the show.

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While we can’t decipher who created the petition A fan of the show, Glen Whitcroft, says he’s responsible for the petition.

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Nicci points the finger at the show’s executive producer, Phil Thornton. Friday afternoon, she went on twitter, giving folk a rant of sorts about why she’s upset with the direction of this season. She wrote:

This whole issue started when they disrespected my daughter in Season 1. Now they r disrepecting HER CHARITY EVENT!..OKAY HERE WE GO THEN … It’s so sad when u work for years to create something amazing like this & because u refused to be disrespected u get a public lashing … But when u start lashing at my family it becomes a different game…BRANDY does NOT DESERVE THIS … Being a Black Woman who speaks her mind and tells THE TRUTH has its benefits & it’s disadvantages…I’m bouta BENEFIT from it & GO ALL IN! I don’t care enough about being famous to have to become famous this way… shame on u for destroying friendships#Fb … You think I’m a b!tch wait till u meet KHARMA…#FB Y’all just have know idea & it’s heartbreaking to watch this “divide and conquer theory” turn special into ordinary #FB I can promise u that next season it won’t be me but unless changes are made it will be someone else & none of us deserve that #FB

She then explained the rant above, pointing the finger at the show’s executive producer:

Sorry I just saw a series of disrespectful tweets from the producer I brought on board @phillionaire and had to RANT. If I have to be the woman u see on TV to be successful Ill Pass…Something that doeant degrade me and humiliate my family will come along. People cant play fair so they play dirty…Id rather go thru the fire and come out brighter ;) #FB

She also suggests that she’s been edited unfairly and shared a screen shot from Phil.

Screen shot 2013-06-14 at 7.47.17 PM


She continued:

I didnt know 8 years ago When I created NO EGO ENT I would have to endure this kind of public humiliation and disrespect but GOD DID #AMEN

Screen shot 2013-06-14 at 7.48.38 PM Screen shot 2013-06-14 at 7.48.26 PM

So what’s Phil’s side of the story? His wasn’t as lengthy, but from his stance, his goal of this season was to bring more unity, hence him asking Angie Stone to join the cast. He noted on twitter:

Screen shot 2013-06-14 at 7.51.20 PM Screen shot 2013-06-14 at 7.51.06 PM


What do we THINK? Well, y’all know we don’t play favorites around here and picking sides isn’t our cup of tea.  Here’s what we do know, issues between Nicci and Phil aren’t new. Nicci briefly mentioned having some issues with one of the producers, during our interview at the beginning of the season. However, she did not state any names. We attended the viewing parties, at the beginning of the season, and unfortunately the cast had two separate events. Anywho, stay tuned!

  • Khloe

    I agree that Nicci should be off the show. She picks fights with everyone and she doesn’t even sound that great to me. The show was supposed to be about them joining a cause and working together and every episode is her arguing with someone. The common denominator for some reason is ALWAYS Nicci even going back to the first season. Also, when did they disrespect her daughter in the first season because I’ve been watching and I don’t remember that. But the charity did seem extra shady on the show. It wasnt even established yet and she was asking people to do stuff for it. She needs to get a reality show. Nobody is checking for you or Brownstone boo.

    • Khloe

      Reality check*

  • Resa

    Nicci doesn’t handle conflict well. It’s gone way past the Selena beef.

  • diva

    I agree with “Khloe”. Nicci is the one that is always getting into it with one of the ladies. I think Nicci should go before this show turn into another Basketball Wives and we all know how that show is. Ain’t no grown woman got time to be fighting. I like the idea of sisterhood and I think that Angie Stone is really trying to bring that to the show as well as LaTocha. If Nicci leave it will be a better show because I didn’t like how Nicci lied on Syleena throughout the show and then had the nerve to be in Syleena workout video but would not sign the paperwork so the video could be published. Nicci is hateful & and a hater and do not want to see anybody on top but her. Throughout the show it showed her always talking negative about Syleena to the other ladies or whoever would listen but you never heard Syleena going from woman to woman talking about Nicci. Also, I liked the fact how Syleena put her feelings aside for Nicci and went on stage to save her at the AIDS charity event with her song. I am TEAM SYLEENA & THE PRODUCER! I want Nicci off the show so I can see a sisterhood show and not another show showing black women fighting and arguing all the time. Where is the link to the petition so I can sign it.

  • 2bmr

    I agree, Nicci does need to leave there is always something with her..it’s not that much editing in the world. We thank her for this launch but at the end of the day no one says the same lie..she needs to go



  • Nicci You are a big A** bully .Don’t Nobody on the show owe you S*** & you need to grow up.your little cousin have a lot more sense then you do. &you need to stop using her to hide behind
    That was so messed up the way you through her under the buss. & you call yourself her so called mother. ( smh). My head. Maybe if you take some time off & go get some canceling that might help u understand that that is not the way you treat people. And I will be praying for you as another black women you need Help. It’s not to late for you to change. And if you don’t think you need to change. You will be a big back ass old Lady. Yes your back looks really big. Lose some back fat. And stop being so mad .
    Why you so mad???? Salyna h

    • Chanele9boots

      HA!!!! Did u say big ass back old lady?? Thanks for the early morning chuckle

  • my darling nicci,It is not lady like to show out in public,didnt your mom and dad teach you that its not right to talk about people the way you have talked about syleena and b angie b you need to be aware that those to real divas are very well known in the industry and it seems like you hate to own up to the fact. Well little MS Brownstone excuse me for asking but did i hear you say over and over again that you are the head that turns brownstone neck because you knew michael jackson. You are nothing in the eyes of many music lovers with two songs under your big ass belly,instead of being the big evil hateful troll that you are you should have taken up syleenas excersise video,and gained a positive attitude you probably wouldnt be getting kicked off of season 3. You are really not going to be missed

  • I never thought I would be one of those bloggers that would ever talk about another black women. But here I am. Niccolo you leave me no choice. I would have to agree with BAr & sweet chocalatta you are the mean Girl And your back is big as hell.Mrs Ed horse mouth you need to get yo life maybe you need some dingaling in yo life. Stop trying to bully the Johnson. Sisters. Are you jealous because they have more class then you will ever have, smarter then you will ever be. And nobody wants to wear or buy that curvato B/S but fat tramps like you nobody wants to buy anything from a big back bitch.

    • DIVA

      LOL @ “Horselovers” you are so right at – And nobody wants to wear or buy that curvato B/S but fat tramps like you nobody wants to buy anything from a big back bitch!
      So true I wouldn’t dare buy anything that Nicci name is attached to. She is hateful and the truly a devil. I loved it when Syleena told her “I am going to do something the devil has never done and that is leave you alone”. I have much respect for everybody on the show but Nicci clearly needs to leave. She is the only one on the show that is causing problems between everybody and now she is having a problem with the producer. Clearly everyone can see that Nicci is not the victim. She is the one causing the problems. I want her gone off the show. She just the devil!

  • m&m

    I completly disagree- the storyline always seems choppy- so i agree with Nicci that she may be getting unfairly edited. Sylenna is no saint and usually the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I think the petition is rediculous, he needs to get a hobby or a cause or something to occupy his time. A petition for BBW Miami- I get. A petition for the creator of R&B Divia’s, I don’t get.

    • Eyecandi

      What show have you been watching? Stevie Wonder can see that Nicci is a derranged bully!!

      • DIVA

        ROTFLOL @ Eyecandi…so true even Stevie Wonder can see through Nicci and he blind. That Nicci is the devil…I don’t care what nobody say and she is always manipulating people. Just put her off the show and let’s try somebody else with more positive energy.

  • Anonymous

    Nicki is a trouble starter , she needs to be off the show 100%


    Nicci is a bit over dramatic at times but damn keke is a space cadet for sure and those dumb faces she makes are just too childish for words.

    • Eyecandi

      Yes KeKe’s elevator never came back dowm!! I can do without her and Nicci!

  • LowDownG

    I am a male who watches the show. I think some of the comments about nicci are very unfare. She is an absolutely beautiful women as are all the diva’s. Yes I do see that she has a very strong attitude against one of the divas (syleena). I don’t think it is really syleena that is her problem, but syleena is a catalyst that makes nicci go off. Yes it is a problem with nicci, but i do not think she should be off the show. Yes, i do see that she is edited to where you really don’t see the total reason for her anger, but i do think she ads an element to the show that is real. Life is not always perfect and there is always one person in a group that can make things difficult for all, but i do think she should stay. Nicci adds an element of realness that we all encounter and maybe she can show us how to handle or not handle our own personal feelings. I do think she is an asset and just like KeKe realized her own demons and got counseling, maybe that should be suggested to Nicci instead of everyone turning there back on her. If she doesnt want to go on tour, so what. Tour without her, but I do think she is being treated unfairly and the divas should all try to make her see what she is really feeling. I think it is very fortunate that being black women that this forum is available to them and instead of letting go of a (sista) try and help. No one should just be thrown to the street for their feelings no matter how strong they are or how we perceive it. If it presented to her this way, it may help. Yes, she does have an attitude problem, but love her and help her get past it. This will do nothing but show that (sista’s) can stick together no matter what. That is something that should be shown in our community and they have the forum to do so.
    So Yes, show that sista’s can stick together no matter what. Don’t let her go and tell her that. Let her know, that no matter what, her castmates will always be there for her. Show that you ladies and black women in a position to be seen by millions can work through anything. Set an example for that all sista’s of color can get along no matter what.

    • ATLlover

      I think Nicci has overstayed her welcome. She is very immature and previously tried to portray Syleena as being aggressive and having anger management problems – clearly she was seeing herself. I have no respect for NG after the last few episodes. She is a liar and a poor businesswoman. She clearly stated that her charity was established and implied that everything was in order with the foundation, then she gets mad at ALBWS for calling her out on it. Then to present a charity event and treat the participants the way she did. Shame on her for not being a professional with class, grace and compassion. I will not be watching season 3 (if there is one) as long as NG is on there. I am a professional Black woman and I admire the charisma and class that Syleena, Angie, Latocha and Monifah exhibit. I am glad KeKe has MJ because she is still young and while she has had a hard time, hopefuly he will help her grow up and become the beautiful mature person she can be.

  • Tee

    I think Nicci Gilbert needs to leave the R&B Divas show because she is to negative and likes to create drama between the ladies. She needs to deal with the Selena issue head-on and move on with trying to portray a positivie attitude for the fans that are watching the show. I think with her departure the show would give a more pleasant feed back to the fans. I want to see sista hood and know our black sista can give their fan base real talent while on tv.

  • I agree Nicci is evil . People like drama

  • Big mama

    I know nicci might have been very mean and disrespectful, but we must not beat her down anymore. Let’s offer words of encouragement and help to her recognize her weaknesses by pointing out her strengths. We don’t know the story behind the relationship between the producer and nicci. What we see is the end result, which is not positive nor healthy. Nicci, I didn’t like the behavior and attitude you exhibited this season and you displacing your anger towards the person, but I still believe you play a vital part in the R&B divas sisterhood.