[WATCH] Ludacris Denies Getting Hit With A Bottle During ATL Club Brawl

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Scary stuff! Reason number 124,233 why sometimes its safer having a quiet evening at home, then poppin bottles in the club.

Over the weekend, an interesting video alleging that Ludacris got into a scuffle hit the net. And after watching the video for a bout 3.5 times, from all sorts of angles, we’re still at a loss as to if he actually was IN the fight. Initially, reports hit that he was jumped, got the dog s**t beat out of him AND was hit in the head with a bottle. Watch how the entire incident went down at Prive.

The following day, Luda and his girlfriend, Eudoxie, hopped on Vine with their own public service announcements of sorts. In short, they had no bruises, indicating that they were involved in the scuffle.

And to further illustrate the point, he shared the following message and photo:
Screen shot 2013-06-15 at 4.32.23 PM

This is what a bottle to the head looks like. #sofreshandsoclean #helluvanight #onlybottlespoppedwasconjure #nowthatsludicrous

One Comment to “[WATCH] Ludacris Denies Getting Hit With A Bottle During ATL Club Brawl”

  1. Miss AG says:

    Dyam liers…..they only titled it that to get hits on youtube

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