Attorney Says Miguel Has Not Offered to Pay Leg Drop Victim: ‘She’s Dumbfounded At How She’s Been Treated’

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Things aren’t looking good for Miguel and Khyati Shah, the woman who was kicked during a Billboard Music Awards performance continues. The quick and dirty is the 21-year-old woman went to the BMA’s in Las Vegas and was excited at the prospect of seeing Miguel. The singer-songwriter leaped from one stage to another while singing his hit “Adorn,” catching his leg on the back of Shah’s head and slamming it into the platform. She later appeared alongside Miguel in a televised interview holding an ice bag on her elbow. So what’s the latest? According to her attorney, she continues to suffer cognitive difficulties and has yet to receive any assistance from the R&B singer nearly a month after the incident. Doctors continue to evaluate Khyati’s injuries, but the exchange student from New Zealand has memory loss issues and has been unable to sit for final exams.

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Her attorney claims that despite efforts to find out more about rehearsals for Miguel’s performance and seek help for his client, representatives for the singer and the awards show are practically daring him to sue. Miguel’s camp has said Miguel is concerned for Shah’s well-being and reached out to the victim to see if they could help. Khyati’s attorney says while he’s talked with Miguel’s attorney, no assistance for his client’s medical bills or other expenses have been offered. He explained:

They didn’t rush her to the hospital. Instead they rushed a camera to her and an ice pack

and took advantage of a

star-struck, dazed and injured person. She was a fan of Miguel and she’s dumbfounded at how she’s been treated. She had hoped they would truly care about her rather than merely caring about themselves and some imaginary lawsuit they are defending against.

Producers of the Billboard Music Awards declined comment. Khyati is studying for dual-degrees in politics and philosophy at UCLA. Reportedly, she had planned to return to New Zealand for the summer, but her travel will likely be delayed while she continues to undergo treatment and testing for her memory and language issues.

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  • 2bme

    something isn’t being said, miguel had to know this was coming so I don’t believe he isn’t concerened..what I believe is his counsel is advising him to say nothing while the details are sorted which includes how legitimate these claims are

    • 2bme


  • Anonymous

    He kicked her in the head in front of millions of people. Settle the lawsuit and move on. I have truly lost respect for Miguel. He has done a lot and said a lot here lately. Fame has went to his head!

  • DIVA

    He had to know this was coming. Even though it was an accident he did it. He need to just go ahead and settle. Everyone saw what happened and I know it was hurtful to the young lady and she deserve something for her pain. Next time these artist will think twice before they jump…just stay on the stage…you ain’t no stunt man!

  • Miss AG

    Muddy waters…..