[Photo] Ochocinco Released From Jail After Serving 7 Days, Of 30 Days Sentencing

Written by thejasminebrand in Blog
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Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson is officially a free man! After serving seven days, of his thirty day sentence, he was released. On Monday, contrite the former NFL’er appeared in court and apologized for disrespecting a judge when he slapped his attorney on the backside. Broward County Circuit Judge Kathleen McHugh accepted Ocho’s apology and cut his 30-day jail term for a probation violation to the seven days he has already served since the booty-slapping incident. During his Monday appearance, Ocho explained that he had time to think about how his attitude was wrong:

I just wanted to apologize for disrespecting the court last time. I apologize. I did have time to reflect on the mistakes I made in this courtroom.

Meanwhile, the argument continues on whether or not the judge over-reacted for sending him in jail for joking in her court-room.


  • Cityboy

    The Judge did VEEERY WELL!! His ass has been to jail and now perhaps he will act properly!! Thank you. End of story. Next>>>

  • Miss AG

    Hold up, wait a dam min….he slapped his attorney on the @$$, in court, in front of the judge? WooooooW ok 85….that jail time was just for being stupid, it should happen more often. Hahaha

  • The Mrs

    So the reason why he was there was for a case for hitting his wife and she is all cool with him now afterwards. Thats why people dont take domestic violence serious because of people like her who cry wolf. Let him out so he can smack her around again