[WATCH] Was Rihanna Wrong For Hitting Fan With A Microphone During Her Concert?

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Rule number 1. Do not come for Robin Rihanna Fenty on Instagram. Rule number 2. Keep your hands to yourself, especially during one of her concerts. A fan learned out the hard way, when he or she was popped in the head with Ri Ri’s mic. Recently, footage was released showing the entire incident. So what happened? Rihanna was walking along the edge of the crowd, with a body guard. As is typical, fans reached out to touch and pull her.
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From what we see, one of her fans may have been too aggressive and the singer takes her microphone and hits them. Don’t believe me? Just watch.

On Instagram, Rihanna explains why she popped the fan:

That b***h won’t let me go.


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6 Comments to “[WATCH] Was Rihanna Wrong For Hitting Fan With A Microphone During Her Concert?”

  1. siarasheree says:

    That damn Rhi Rhi…LMAO!!! …

  2. Anonymous says:

    What was the body guard doing?! Did he not see her pulling to get away!?! SMH . . .

  3. Chanele9boots says:

    And she didn’t miss a beat. Just bop, and kept it moving. Hilarious.

  4. Gabriella says:

    And she will keep doing ish like this because people keep supporting this little bitch. I mean damn she show up drunk and late now she hitting fans but true talented artists are struggling. Some world we live in.

  5. Miss AG says:

    LololoL wat was the fan goin to do with her, take her home. Shoooo riri like #bishgetoffme #dontblameher she got the msg rite……now dock the bodygaurd’s pay. He was caugh5 on camera not doing his job.

    Gotta luv RiRi

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