[WATCH] A Very Pregnant Rasheeda Releases ‘Hit It From the Back’ Video

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On the last episode of LHHA, a pregnant Rasheeda tugged at some of our heart strings. If you’re a business woman AND a mother, more than likely, you’ve had some challenges balancing the two, while having your peers (and maybe even your husband) question you. And while Rasheeda’s career track may be a bit different than yours–she does present a decent point. Why is there a double-standard when it comes to pregnant women in entertainment–specifically rap?We’re not sure what side you’re on here, but the ATL native doesn’t seem to mind the controversy.┬áThis week, she released ‘Hit it From the Back’. Catchy title, right? Anywho, check it out :
What are your thoughts? Totally inappropriate or not a big deal?

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  • DIVA

    Ok, I am a little torn on this one. I commend Rasheeda for wanting to continue to work while she is pregnant but I think she should have did something more on the line of make-up, hair, clothing boutique, etc. I do not think that a video (hardcore at that) was the best choice for her. I think she did it more as a slap in Kirk face letting him know she is moving on with or without him when it comes to her music. I just hope it doesn’t backfire in her face because the video was not the way. Also, Rasheeda might need to think of some different music to do. She has a nice voice but hardcore rap and you are a mother as well as your age is not playing a factor in this. I think you are getting a little to old to be making music like this. I also think that Kandi should be trying to help her also since Kandi is in the music industry and suppose to be her friend. Rasheeda need some more guidance. I’m just saying! :)

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like this and I didn’t like when Tamar did it.