[WATCH] A Very Pregnant Rasheeda Releases ‘Hit It From the Back’ Video

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On the last episode of LHHA, a pregnant Rasheeda tugged at some of our heart strings. If you’re a business woman AND a mother, more than likely, you’ve had some challenges balancing the two, while having your peers (and maybe even your husband) question you. And while Rasheeda’s career track may be a bit different than yours–she does present a decent point. Why is there a double-standard when it comes to pregnant women in entertainment–specifically rap?We’re not sure what side you’re on here, but the ATL native doesn’t seem to mind the controversy.┬áThis week, she released ‘Hit it From the Back’. Catchy title, right? Anywho, check it out :
What are your thoughts? Totally inappropriate or not a big deal?

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