[Photos] Bobbi Kristina Confirms She’s Engaged to Nick Gordon Again, During Couples Beach Retreat

Written by thejasminebrand in Spotted. Stalked. Scene.
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Looks like these crazy kids are engaged…AGAIN!

Looks like the engagement between Whitney Houston’s late daughter, Bobbi Kristina, and her boyfriend, Nick Gordon is once again on. As you’ll recall, it was rumored that the on-again-off-again couple had become engaged while filming their reality show, ‘Houston’s: On Our Own‘. Nick later denied that they were engaged, but said that they were in a relationship. Things must have gotten better between these two bc BK posted a number of photos during their July 4th Jersey vacation, dropping hints like:

My gorgeous fiancé @nickdgordon & I on the boardwalk :)(: xO Yes.. I’m MADLY in love with this phenomenal man. @Nickdgordon (:truly happier then ever:) xO

Not to mention that blinged out rock her hand.

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Screen shot 2013-07-05 at 9.47.51 AM

Screen shot 2013-07-05 at 9.47.38 AM

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If they like it, we love it, right??

  • I don’t understand

    They look like a bunch of kids.

  • The Mrs

    he done found a sugar Mama. that ring better be big Im sure she paid for it when she gave him his allowance .Why didnt they ever get her braces with all that money they had.

    • ChoclateFox

      She never got braces because that is a signature gap aka her daddy Bobby Brown marked her. Just a feature she undoubtedly has no problem of living with. #imo

  • Anonymous

    Im sorry but I have to go in. I watched the show and I kept wondering with all that money why cant she get a REAL STYLIST . That weave is double F***ed. During the show it was setting back about an inch back from her hair line. I think is Nick (boyfriend/brother) is ultra nasty. I agree with the grandma Cissy. I miss Whitney!!!!!!

  • DIVA

    Anonymous – I have to agree with you! I was wondering the same thing. With all that money WHY DO YO HEAD LOOK LIKE THAT…smh. I think that Nick tells Kristina whatever she want to hear so he can keep getting that money from her. I agree with Cissy too…she the only one that won’t bit her tongue and tell that little girl the truth. The aunt is just like Nick…will go along with whatever Kristina do or say to continue receiving money from her. The Aunt is sneaky and I did not like her at all. I think Kristina need to wake up and see that they are using her. She need to get with her grandmother. I miss Whitney too.

  • vapariga

    @ Anonymous & Diva – I am with both of you on this one… smh. This whole situation is so sad, and BK is lost. Nick and the Aunt know it too. Unfortunately, I think that BK has developed into who she is (the way she carries herself, attitude & disposition) and likely won’t change. It seems like we’re watching Whitney all over again, as she was barrelling down through destruction. This lil girl is a hard head who does what she wants to do, and the only good parental guidance that she really has is her grandmother, who she won’t let in. As for her looks, I think BK is a cute girl who inherited her father’s gap ;-(, she’d be gorgeous without it though. Nowadays it is embraced (thank Michael Strahan!). Her hair is always ghettofied and she definitely could use a stylist but again, as defiant as she appears, she probably doesn’t want that kind of help either! Also, I think the ring she’s sporting was Whitney’s. Let’s just keep this baby in prayer. Hopefully she’ll mature and realize these people are hanging onto her for all of the wrong reasons.