[VIDEO] Burnt Clothes, Aspiring Singers & Far Fetched Wedding Dreams, WATCH LHHA Episode 12

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love and atlanta hip hop-season 2-episode 12-the jasmine brand

Just when you think the entertainment value, on Monday nights, compliments of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has hit its peak–there’s more. On episode 12, the VH1 cast bring us more story-lines and conflict. Rasheeda throws Kirk out of their home (after forgetting that he was married the previous weekend, kee-keeing it up in a hot tub full of women), Ariane tries her hand at auditioning as a singer for K.Michelle, Stevie J seems to be selling Joseline hoop dreams about marriage and Scrappy is a free man. Missed it? Check the full episode out below.

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5 Comments to “[VIDEO] Burnt Clothes, Aspiring Singers & Far Fetched Wedding Dreams, WATCH LHHA Episode 12”

  1. DAMN! says:

    She would be a damn fool to stay with him, he is no good. Really, who does the s*#t he did to her? He is a grown man if things are not right at home work them out or leave. He is an embarrassment to his family. For the last 3 episodes he has set and talked bad about his wife and their marriage. That time could have been spent re-evaluating things. Then he decides…on tv to cheat on his wife. LEAVE HIM! HE’S BROKE HE’S SERVES NO PURPOSE!

  2. DAMN! says:

    Go Erica! Damn right I would’ve pawned the damn ring. His mom needs to seek help. She clearly has mental issues and it is ruining his life. Erica needs to stay the hell away from them they mean her no good. He is another no good man. Let Shay have him she seems to love to be his on call chick, damn she was ready to fight Erica over HER man.

  3. Alaya_MingLee says:

    In real life…this episode had me stressed lol. I’ve never been in any of the situations and I thought that was me in every single conflict. Kirk is straight dirt ball. I would have done more than set his stuff on fire. As for Scrappy and Erica, in her eyes y’all were done. The ring was hers to do as she pleased with. Momma Dee is so raggedy. Smh. First off, her and Shay must get their weave done at the same place. Second off, why won’t she let that man be? He is…a man? He’s of age. Stay out of his biznyee. I’m done lol

  4. DIVA says:

    They faked all this for TV. They so stupid. They sold out for the dollar bill. It makes me not want to watch this show anymore just because it is fake. VH1 should fire them for doing this. I thought reality TV was just that reality…anybody can make up a story. I could have got on TV and did that.

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