Beyonce Holds Moment of Silence for Trayvon Martin In Nashville + Young Jeezy Releases Dedication Song ‘It’s A Cold World’

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A combination of disbelief, prayers and condolences are being sent out, in the memory of Trayvon Martin. Late Saturday evening, jurors cleared George Zimmerman of all charges in the 2012 shooting death of the unarmed 17-year-old Florida native. Both of Trayvon’s parents have shared their initial thoughts on twitter, while a number of people, celebrities included, have shared their thoughts on the trial’s outcome. Specifically, a number of artists are also chiming in, weighing in on the verdict. Beyonce took a moment to honor Trayvon, during her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour concert at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. Her concert started about 30 minutes after the Zimmerman verdict began to circulate. In between one of her songs, she told the crowd:

I’d like to have a moment of silence for Trayvon.

She then sang the chorus of “I Will Always Love You,” before transitioning into her hit “Halo.” After her show, she posted the following Tumblr message:

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Meanwhile, Young Jeezy posted a new song, “It’s a Cold World (A Tribute to Trayvon Martin),”. He shared the song writing:

I am in no way shape, form, or fashion … trying to capitalize off of the latest series of events. These are my true feelings and my form of expression about it.

Listen below.

[Associated Press]

  • Lenny

    How about a moment of silence for the 5,000 black on black homicides that happen in our country EVERY YEAR? It’s nothing short of infuriating to see how media bias and our disingenuous political leaders with their inflammatory rhetoric are orchestrating and fueling the “outrage” regarding Trayvon Martin’s court decision while totally ignoring the 12 blacks who were killed in Chicago two weekends ago and the thousands of blacks who are killed by other blacks EVERY YEAR. Attention “progressives.” If you can’t understand the elementary logic that was just articulated, look in the mirror and you will clearly see a person who has abandoned solid reasoning skills, common sense, and personal integrity in the name of “spinning” the facts and the truth to “fit” your distorted political agenda. What a shame.