[VIDEO] LHHA’s Scrappy Alleges Erica Got Pregnant By A Married Man + Shay Johnson Confirms Her New Rapper Boyfriend

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Who needs a reunion show when cast members happily spill all sorts of tea before it even airs! Thanks to Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Shay Johnson, and an insider @ the taping, we’ve got the inside scoop on what went down during the reunion show. In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, the on again off again boo to Lil Scrappy shared all sorts of opinion and insight on how her current relationship with the ‘Prince of the South’, who she blames in the Kirk and Rasheeda fiasco and (shocker) the HUGE and messy announcement centering around Erica Dixon’s ovaries and a married man. Plus, her she confirms that she’s dating a new rapper, who happens to be her boyfriend. Peep the excerpts below.

What her current situation is now with Scrappy: 
He’s gonna always be around. I just don’t want us to go there, like where we were as far as in a relationship.
If Erica Dixon was initially the ‘side chick’  in Scrappy’s life: 
When he was dealing with [rapper] Diamond, she was his side piece, she’s been his side piece for nine years. Erica was his side piece, Diamond was his main girl. He was living with Diamond, he was with her for five years and Erica was always opening those legs for him all the time.
What happened on the reunion show, between Scrappy and Erica: 

There was a serious situation that happened actually with his child, so they had to leave.

Why Scrappy’s mother, Mama Dee, likes Shay so much: 

I hold a certain level of respect for her. I let her do her.

Allegations made, at the reunion show by Scrappy, that Erica was pregnant recently by another man: 

He said she was messing with a married man and got pregnant by him, thats we what he said on the reunion.

How she feels about Kirk and Rasheeda’s marital status: 

Kirk is wrong. I just really just wanted to jump through the screen and slap him.

If she thinks Kirk is gay: 

I dont think he is gay. I just think he wanted to play and thats exactly what he did. I think there were issues that were going on that we obviously didn’t know about, it didn’t just start on television, they been together thirteen years.
Her new man, rapper Jody Breeze: 
Jody is around. I’ve known him for a while. Im just having some fun right now. He’s there, he’s cool.
How Scrappy feels about her new boyfriend, Jody Breeze: 
When Scrappy was in rehab, is when I posted a picture of him and I and he got a little pissed off about that. He was texting saying, ‘why you got the picture up?’ and ‘is that who you supposed to be messing with?’ I’m like why are you googling and instagramming in rehab?
Interesting! Watch the full entire interview below.

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  • Kia

    Oh ok Shay got her 30 seconds of fame. I’m glad she finally has her own man instead of being the sidechick. And so what he was staying with Diamond and kicking it with Erica same with Shay azz so who the hell can shetalk about she’s been the side the men she’s kicked it with except her son’s father smmh. Talking about side chicks lmmao

  • Alaya_MingLee

    To be honest, Erica could never be Scrappy’s side chick. She has his daughter. PLUS side chicks don’t get engagement rings. Shay should know that.

    • Michelle

      UMM! You can be a baby momma and STILL be a side hoe!!!

  • godiva

    Just because you have a man’s daughter doesnt mean you cant be the side chick matter of fact thats who gets pregnant is the side pieces while the main chick or wife is at home and by the way she got the ring but didnt get a marriage did she? rings aren’t everything if a marriage doesnt follow.

    • Alaya_MingLee

      Only thing you’re forgetting is the wedding didn’t happen on HER terms. So yes honey, the ring DOES still mean something.

      • Anonymous

        No, sweetheart the rings does not mean anything unless you actually follow with the actual marriage. You can wear a ring all day long, and if you do not set a date to follow through, then you are just a women who has put yourself in a situation where he wants you!! Wake young sister.

        • dcladydee

          What are you guys missing? Erica is differently not the side piece and never has been. This man gets on national television and declares his love for her, gives her a ring, was living with her, apologized to her when the show first aired about his cheating, 2012, checks his mother for her and you all want to go back and forth with whether she was the side piece. Really?

          That is why men feel they can get away with anything. Some woman can justify anything when the evidence is right in front of them. Get a life!!

  • The Mrs

    Oh please im so tired of Shay.

    • DIVA

      Exactly…I am tired of her also. She got her 30 seconds of fame now move on. She just thirsty.