[Photos] Gloria Govan Shows Off Booty Cheeks & Beauty For Las Vegas Bachelorette Party

Written by thejasminebrand in Spotted. Stalked. Scene.
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Did we miss the memo? ‘Tis the season for Bachelorette Parties. Perfect location? Sin City, of course!

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Just ask future basketball wife, Savannah Brinson (who’s jumping the broom soon to Miami Heat’s LeBron James) and reality star Gloria Govan (who is married to NBA baller, Matt Barnes). Although Gloria secretly wed Matt last year, she’s doing it big, with a private wedding ceremony for family and friends next month. Over the weekend, we caught the ‘Basketball Wives’ star taking over Las Vegas with your typical clubbin’, bottle poppin’ and pool partying (the gang even hit Grand Canyon). The mother of twin boys decided to turn it up a notch, rocking this UBER sexy bikini, channeling her inner ‘bride’. Check the cheeks and pix!

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  • Chanele9boots

    Thirsty Govan

  • Anonymous

    To frikkin naked, you can see the cotton liner for the bikini lmao..wth

  • Kay

    Can’t nothing be private, personal, or JUST for your husband anymore, smh!

  • vapariga

    I agree ladies…..VERY thirsty, and nothing is sacred anymore. I mean c’mon, any woman but especially a woman of a certain age that is a mother and a wife….have some respect for yourself. smh… I don’t get their men either, why they would want their woman exposed all over the world. Not hating, she has a great body but she, her sister + all of those women look very immature (what’s up with the faces & puckered lips? – lol), desperate for attention.