Tameka Raymond Files For Emergency Custody After Pool Accident

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Early Tuesday, we learned that Usher and Tamaka Raymond’s five year old son, Usher Raymond V, was in a serious accident in Usher’s pool. Reportedly, the incident happened Monday evening, around 6 p.m. at Usher’s Atlanta home and the singer was not present. TMZ reports:

The child was playing in the pool with his aunt and saw a toy in the drain.  He dove down to get the toy and his arm got stuck in the drain.  The aunt immediately dove in to rescue him but couldn’t get his hand out.  The maid then dove in and tried but was also unsuccessful. The maid screamed for help.  Two men working in the house came out, dove in and freed the boy.  He was given CPR immediately and rushed to the hospital.  Usher arrived and drove in the ambulance with his son.

So what’s the latest?

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As of Tuesday evening, it has been reported that Usher V is doing fine, but there’s another issue. Tameka is fighting for full custody of her children, again. Reportedly, after Monday evening’s scare with their son, she filed court documents for an emergency custody hearing. In the legal documents, it is noted that their son was under the care of Usher’s aunt. Tameka claims that Usher created a dangerous environment for their sons by allowing others to watch them. Madame Noire reports:

Tameka has complained about this woman before, saying that she let a stalker in the house where Usher and their sons were staying. Tameka also claims this same aunt is aggressive in disciplining the boys.

Stay tuned, as this too may also play out in the public/press.

  • Anonymous

    ummm Tameka is cruising for a bruising ! An accident happen while Usher had someone else a family member and employee watching the kids. Same situation with Kyles death…an accident happened while family was watching the kids. If this is reason to take custody from Usher, then it would be the same reason not to give her custody either. Accidents happen every day, Usher does need to improve the protection features on the pool and call it a day. All we can do is pray for these babies.

    • DIVA

      I totally agree! I knew she was going to do this. Accidents will happen. Her son was with a family member and had a accident. She need to be careful with this one. Yes Usher do need to put up more safety procautions…child proof everything. He knows when dealing with her he is already walking on thin ice. She is looking for anything to get those kids/money:). She didn’t waste no time…she could have aleast waited 24hrs. I think when it comes to the things she does it is not about the kids it’s about her being angry with him…mad black woman/scorned. I’m just saying!

  • mz.ward

    Just sad..at such a terrible time all her thinking should be praying there son come out of this well..but not her.. all she thinking about is money!!! not her son..