[VIDEO] The Show Must Go On! R&B Divas of LA’s Kelly Price & Dawn Robinson Release Their Own Monologue

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The show must go on! And R&B Divas of LA’s Dawn Robinson and Kelly Price have done just that. Fans, critics and viewers of TV One’s popular reality show are well aware of the drama on camera and behind the scenes between the entire cast. In short, Kelly Price and Dawn Robinson have formed alliances and Lil Mo, Chante Moore, Michel’e and Claudia Ortez have formed their own alliances, resulting in a rift in business.


The entire season’s storyline centered around the entire cast coming together and performing a musical monologue of sorts, but what initially sounded like a dope concept, quickly became a ball of sangin’ confusion. The end result? In April. Dawn and Kelly produced their own Monologue leaving out the rest of the cast. Both share personal stories of life challenges, heartache and how they were able to overcome obstacles.
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Check out the teaser below.

Inquiring minds want to know, will the rest of the cast have their own version? Based on a round of interviews last week, it’s highly unlikely. For starters, there’s tension between Dawn and editors, with how she and Kelly are being portrayed on the show. She explained:

They said they wanted a different type of show. They did not want drama – they pretty much guaranteed that it wasn’t going to be drama. That it was going to be a positive show. What the guy Phil [Thornton] told me – Phil is one of the producers –  he said, ‘We want this to be like a ‘Waiting to Exhale’ type show.’ ‘Cause I told them, ‘As long as it’s classy. I come from a classy group, and plus I was raised by my parents to be a good person. I don’t go for that drama and fighting and all that stuff.’ So when they offered me Atlanta ‘R&B Divas’, I said no, because I don’t live in Atlanta.’ I was working on a project with Maxine [En Vogue group mate] at the time, and I was just afraid like a lot of artists who are afraid to do a reality show because of what they see happen to other artists on reality shows. So I turned it down because I was afraid, not because I was being difficult. I was just afraid, and I didn’t want to relocate too. I live in LA, I didn’t want to relocate to Atlanta. But of course they’re going to tell you only half of the story, and again, I don’t care to…I’m a grown woman, I’m 47-years-old. I don’t care what people think about me, I stand for myself, I stand for truth, and that’s always going to be who I am.

What are your thoughts on the Monologue?

  • – the fact that the “background” music is louder then the actual talent made me stop watching … Again an obvious production issue all over again

    • SNAPA

      Cosign! I couldn’t hear a thing. And it did not help that Dawn took speaking lessons from Janet Jackson’s school of Whisper Talk–Sheesh! And, I was wondering why no one review before posting. It was horrible.

      • Janet Jackson’s School of Whisper Talk is the funniest thing I’ve heard all month. Thank you for that.

        • SNAPA

          LOL! You are very welcome. I thought something was wrong with my hearing and then I thought something was wrong with my speaker until Kelly’s booming voice came through loud and clear. :)

    • Gail


  • love

    I thought Kelly didn’t have the time? and didn’t Chante come up with the name? This is so disappointing to see. I really wanted to hear the stories of all the ladies. Two thumbs down for this!

  • Donna

    Are they serious? This video is terrible!

  • Anonymous

    Im going top say one word (but I will say it 5 times)…. FAIL, FAIL, FAIL, FAIL, FAIL

    • tai

      The other four knew the deal because they saw what Torrey could produce in Vegas. They made the right decision by looking elsewhere. In addition, Kelly didn’t even call Torrey until AFTER Fred was hired. If you’re going to come with the idea, you need to come with a game plan.

  • DIVA

    Awwww Dawn & Kelly this was a mess. I can’t even hear ya’ll. I see why the women wanted Fred to produce/organize they monologues because clearly this shows that the person that Kelly choose is not good at this. This is a mess and I hope they are not charging people to come see this mess. I want to see Lil Mo, Chante, Michel’le & Claudette monologues.

  • Yvette

    Dawn is Delusional. Her entire storyline is. (47 year old with one ovary trying to conceive with an man she has only known 6 mos, then trying to adopt with this man, pretending to sing, and pretending that she isn’t a follower). I’m over her.

  • Anonymous

    “their ours!” should be “they’re ours!”

    • Nelly

      LMFAO!!!!!! SO RIGHT.

    • love

      OMG!! You’re right. I’m embarrassed for them.