Nicci Gilbert Defends R&B Divas Kelly Price: ‘You have no idea how this is affecting this woman!’

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Singer/reality star Nicci Gilbert (co-creator R&B Divas) is defending her good friend and reality TV star colleague, Kelly Price (of R&B Divas LA). The singer is unpleased with how Kelly is being attacked on social media and portrayed on the popular TV One show.

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This afternoon, Nicci took to her Instagram page, venting about how people should be less quick to judge and more supportive. She also points the finger at online bullies, writing:

If u are building your brand off other peoples pain, you’re building PAINFUL brand and at some point you WILL FEEL ALL OF IT #ThatIsAll … It’s hard to watch people say such horrible things about such a talented woman and friend…BUT TIME HEALS & TELLS ALL @KellyPRice4Real…I see CLEARLY how based on what you see ‘CLEARLY’ you think you KNOW so based on that I understand the REACTIONS AND I TRUST GOD PLANS… KEEP WATCHING……

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She continued:

Instead of people all this energy into destroying someone PRAY FOR THEM you have NO IDEA how this is affecting this woman. IT’S NOT GOOD…The sad thing is how quickly ‘WE AS A PEOPLE’ allow them to use ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ as TOOLS to destroy our ‘OWN PEOPLE’ #IAintIntoThat … I suspect that as a result of me speaking the truth you will see a few more fraudulent blogs, articles, etc., about me soon LOL…#touche. #theButler made me realize the fight is NOT OVER, this time instead of billy clubs and hoses its social media and online bullies #FB #Stick2Gether

Nicci is familiar with having challenges with fans and critics of her on the original version, R&B Divas. There have been online petitions, along with accusations that one of the shows executive producers, Phil Thornton, has been unfair in the editing room, which he denies. Meanwhile, Kelly Price has remained pretty mum on social media, outside of a few supportive ReTweets on Twitter. What are your thoughts on Nicci’s comments defending Kelly Price? Are (media) and fans being too critical? 

  • cp

    They keep talking about editing but the cameras don’t lie did she or did she not get into feeling on tv and the camera caught it i watched last night episode and when lil mo said this is real life not tv so i guess they should of edited her out acting like a bullheaded person i think who you really are always comes out

  • kim

    It’s funny when people aren’t acting up they don’t have anything to say about editing.But, when the camera shows them acting up it’s the editing.Nicki needs to be quiet.I see why she is siding with Kelly.She was guilty of acting up too.Kelly seemed very immature about the whole situation.Can someone please inform Kelly that she did’ntdidn’t invent the vagina mono.

  • Anonymous

    crazy folks always have each other’s back…..

    • misha

      Bullies?? It that aint the pot calling the kettle.

  • yeah i said it

    Why do celebrities think ppl ain’t gonna comment on them when THEY put themselves on reality shows?! If you act up ppl are gonna say something about how you’re acting! Stop acting like you’ve been wronged when you put your life on tv to be watched!

    • Sweet Pea

      Thats right. I agree. They should leave reality tv alone because people gone comment regardless. Social media is the way of life now unfortunately and everybody will have their opinion, bullying or not.

  • NoSugarCoating

    Well…my thoughts are that editors are trying to create a “character” in a sense. If you notice, all reality shows have the “villian” the “pushover” the “messy” character,” etc. The bottom line though is that they can only edit what you put out there! If you don’t want to be edited as the bully, don’t act up! #thatisall. I will say though that the internet thugs are outta control and it does need to stop.

  • DIVA

    Nicci is the same way that Kelly is that is why she is siding with her. When I saw the last episode and Kelly was acting a fool with Lil Mo it just made me believe that editing DOES NOT have anything to do with Kelly character. Kelly is the one that came in with an hostile attitude and then called her husband like Lil Mo was fighting her…really Kelly…you acted a FOOL and editing had nothing to do with that. Stop blaming other people for your actions. You are mad because the ladies went on without you and did the monologues. You are not the queen and they do not have to bow down to you. Yes it was Kelly idea but they told her that they where getting someone to direct it and then TV One is the one that hired Fred so if Kelly is going to be mad she should be mad at TV One not the ladies. Then another thing Lil Mo said that Kelly wouldn’t even speak to her in church…wow…who does that. Kelly should not have got on TV if she did not want her real character exposed. I am glad the ladies went on and did what they had to do…good for them. Nicci shut up & Kelly grow up.

  • msladyj

    Kelly is not all that she has a attitude and it makes her think i reinfasize think she is all that not even she needs to take a look at what we see when this is being aired not pretty at all ijs

  • Ann Carter

    I dont think Nicci should be the one coming to your rescue Kelly, her wrap sheet is worse than yours, she is not making anything better.
    There is always a chance of redemtion, instead of whining about the editing and all that, come back next season and show us you are better than that, cause i believe you are.

    • Ms. Faye

      Nicci doesn’t need to put her opinion about how Kelly supposedly is being viewed. She was wa much worst. And what she exhibited in her personality is someone who needs therapy. Kelly just let her ego get the best of her. Both of them need to acknowledge their own actions and it had nothing to do with editing. And yes, I’m sure the producers of the show want a character to be the villain. You should have taken on the opposite to show us how divas can work together and develop something positive. You’re teaching young kids to fight it out.

  • Gingertee

    I think that Kelly thought these women would look up to her and idealize her. The truth is Chante Moore has had a longer career as a solo artist than Kelly Price. Chante has crossed over into Jazz as well as pop. Kelly became extremely arrogant and her attitude is as wide as her hips. As her turns out, she is not the loving Kelly Price everyone imagined her to be. Get over yourself Kelly, the diva thing is not cute. If I needed someone to speak on my behalf it would never be Nicci Gilbert.

    • Ms. Faye

      Kelly acts like she is the only one with a hard life and had to overcome challenges. The thing with Nicci and Kelly is that they are not owning up to their own bad behavior. So what Kelly brought the idea to the ladies, she should have brought the plan to get there. You had a show to put on, take ownership of the entire process. I have to say, the Vivalogues was excellent. I hope they do take it on the road and come to the ATL.