[AUDIO] R.Kelly Apologizes to K.Michelle For Implying He Had Sex With Her

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For years, K.Michelle has maintained that the legendary singer, R.Kelly, was nothing more than her mentor. Even in interviews, the Memphis bred native has said that while Kellz has been instrumental in her singing career, their relationship has always only been strictly professional. So what’s changed? It appears that R.Kelly did some accidental dry snitching, via an interview with ATL’s The Streetz 94.5?s “Morning Grind Show”. When asked if he’d heard her new album, Rebellious Soul, the Pied Piper said that he hadn’t and seemed a bit confused when the hosts said that K had wanted him to hear it personally:

Personally? Okay, alright. Nah, we’ve sat and had sessions and listen to uh, uh,uh, uh, uh, music and drinks. And we had a lot of fun…like backstage, after my show and things like that.

He continued:

Well, listening to music and me giving her some lectures on what she can do to be better and when I tell her to do something, she do it.

The kicker is when asked about rumors that they’d been ‘more than musical friends, Kellz started stuttering a bit:

What? Well, you know I um, well, we did have a couple of drinks and after the show ‘Single Ladies’ tour and she did say she was single at some point and them I got drunk and I don’t know…I don’t know. I woke up and they said I had a good time. I had to trust it.

Listen to the audio below.

A few days after the interview spread like wildfire, R.Kelly tweeted the following message, apologizing:

I respect K.Michelle as an artist, and apologize if anything was said that offended her. Wasn’t anything like that. #allaboutthemusic. Once again morning radio gettin’ crazy! Trying to turn a backstage music hang with K. Michelle into somethin’ else.

Is R.Kelly back-peddling or did the radio personalities twist his words?

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[GumBumper, Twitter]

  • kim

    R.Kelly did make it sound like that.I’ve heard her speak highly of him when asked.He must be hungry for attention since he has’by had any lately.He is too old for that he needs to grow up!

  • lovelylegs

    What jerk! A sleazy jerk!

  • Anonymous

    they slept together…. she just dont want it out there……

    • Tweet

      you was there?

      • kim


        • Mika

          Even if she did sleep with him that’s tacky, immature, and thirsty for him to imply that. No I think he did more than imply, what’ s an over 40 man, and celebrity at that bragging about sleeping with someone. Can’t stand his azz!