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One day after his group member Tyrese, fainted in a DC club, we caught up with Tank. One third of TGT (Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank), the 37-year-old has been on the music scene for quite some time. Pushing out his own solo projects (like ‘Sex, Love & Pain’) and penning other hits (for folk like Aaliyah, Omarion, Jamie Foxx, Pitbull and Monica ) music is in his blood.

c-tank-baldwin hills mall 2013-the jasmine brand

Over the weekend, we caught up with the Milwaukee native at the Baldwin Hill Crenshaw Live Concert series, chatting with about Tyrese’s health (which he blatantly side-stepped), how many albums we can expect from TGT, his interesting fascination with producing ten kids (he’s got 4 and counting) and a few other random facts. Peep a few excerpts from our conversation below and check out concert pics from the event.

On Tyrese’s health since the club scare:

I mean all I can say is that he’s doing better. He’s doing better and we’ll just leave it at that. I don’t want to totally speak on it.

If he’s ever experienced a similar situation, fainting in a club: 

To me? No, not to my memory.

On who was the mastermind behind the TGT concept:

Me and Ginuwine actually – likes to sing – you know, we’re in a play and I was singing backgrounds for him. Every night we did ‘Pony’, and I’d just sing my part. So you know I’m used to singing my part in ‘Pony’, my favorite song so everytime we get off stage I’m like, “We should do a group. We should just make a group a do this every night!”. And he’s like, “Yeah, we should!”. And one night we just got real serious about that – he’s like, “Let’s do it dude!” and I’m like, “Yeah!”. So we’re like, “Who else should we put in the group?” and he’s like, “Tyrese”. So we called Tyrese and of course we have been friends for over 10 years, so it was a no-brainer as far as that part of I mean… You know, we’ve all worked together – I worked on Tyrese’s last 4 albums, worked on Ginuwine’s, started my R&B career with Ginuwine; that’s why he’s my mentor so it was easy. Well, it didn’t happen when we want it to happen back in 1998…

Since they tried the same concept five years ago, what he feels is the biggest difference now, as opposed to initially :

Well I think 5 years ago, it was just cool to do. We were all 3 superstars rocking shows, putting songs together and it was just – it would have just been another show, another album to mix in with all the other albums that were coming out at that time. The people’s still trying to get on the R&B too. But I think now that R&B has taken such a drop in sales, in radio play, in just present period, TGT now means more to the R&B community in whole. What we’re trying to do with this album, is we’re trying to reignite the passion and desire for R&B – people want to hear it, it’s just not being given to them. And people want to sing it, they want to produce, they want to write it. But they don’t feel that they’re going to make money with that. You’re got to eat into at end of the day. So when TGT is successful, it’s going to make labels say, “You know what, we need to pour more money into R&B. We need to do more marketing-wise, advertisements and marketing. We need to do more sponsorships and things like that with R&B artistes. The timing is great now, you know God does everything for a reason so it didn’t happen then because it wasn’t really needed then – it would have been just a cool thing to do. But now it’s needed. So from the peers to just the R&B community in a whole, they’ve embraced us as the true kings and the R&B saviors of an-almost lost genre of music.

On his craziest fan encounter:

I remember one story – the first time – maybe I deserved that. But it got really hot and I don’t know how hot it was; we were down south and in a limo. And after the show, we had to literally run to the limo and jump in; and dive into the limo because they were chasing as fast as – I mean they were pushing the limo, trying to tilt the limo over, pushing over. And all of a sudden, this girl pulls up her shirt and just puts her titties on the glass! I mean I’ve heard about titties on glass, you know what I’m saying – it sounded neat but no one has actually put their titties on the glass that I was inside of. And so those were my first titties on the glass and I was so excited – the girl with her titties on her glass – I was so thankful that God has made those and she was showing them to me. So that’s one story.

On if he had more groupies when he was a solo act or since joining TGT:

It’s always been crazy. But I mean it is crazy now because now it’s all 3 of our fans in one place. Now you imagine a bunch of Tyrese’s fans, a bunch of Ginuwine’s fans, my fans and sometimes I’m able to steal some of their fans. So it’s crazy.

On if there will only be one TGT album:

No, there will be like 3. So you’ll definitely going to get 3 albums on the DVD.

He has 4 children, and 3 baby mamas. On why he’d like a total of 10 children:

We’ve got a couple, I guess. We’ve got 3 right now. I want to get married and do it the right way. Do it the right way, maybe have 3 more and after that 3. I love kids, I think the generation is what’s most important. We’ve had our chance to make our choices and they need our lives in time to influence the next generation and give them the right understanding and pour the knowledge into them so that preferably, they can make this place a better place or survive in whatever this place is going to become.

On the best way a woman can get his attention:

To have pretty feet, and would be able to cook.

On his favorite part of a woman’s body:

Booty.Actually more legs.I can sacrifice a little booty for legs. I love legs and feet. Legs and feet. Woo, Hallelujah!

Listen to the full interview below.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    he dodged that Tyrese question real quick…. lol @ titties on the glass….LOL

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