LHHA’s Erica Dixon Says New Boyfriend Is A Man of God + Why She Refuses To Speak On Scrappys New Girlfriend Bambi

Written by thejasminebrand in Spotted. Stalked. Scene.
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The camera’s have stopped rolling, but the love lives between Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Erica Dixon and her ex-fiance, Lil Scrappy, have folk buzzing. Scrappy has taken his love and talents, embarking on a romantic relationship with Bambi (formerly of Basketball Wives LA), while Erica has a new boyfriend (who is a model), by the name of O’Shea. In an interview with Mara the Socialite, the reality star talks about her new relationship, Scrappy’s new girlfriend and accusations made by her ex-fiance, that she was once pregnant by a married man. Check interview excerpts below:


We met over Memorial Day weekend, and we was just cool, just friends. You know, just talking and kicking it. One thing led to another, and we both started developing feelings for each other, so we just made it official. He’s recovering right now from a car accident; he got hit by a car, so right now, he’s just healing from a car accident. He was actually walking and got hit. He’s doing a lot better, a lot better.


Yes, he’s met Emani, and she likes him, so I’m happy about that.


He’s a man of God, that’s what I love the most about him; he’s a man of God. You know we pray together, and we just keep God first and foremost in our relationship and in everything we do.

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I don’t even really speak on that because that’s my past. Not my present, not my future. Scrappy is my past, so whatever he got going on, he got going on. It’s no business of mine, and the best to him.

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The crazy thing about it is on the reunion show, Scrappy said Erica was messing with a married man. Shay does interviews and says Erica was messing with a married man and got pregnant by a married man and got an abortion. She took it to a whole other level. Then again, I keep her relevant, so she has to keep my name in her mouth. But for Scrappy, that was like an all time low. It’s like really, you want to get on her and say this? And in the past, he has said and done stuff, and I’ve told him like that’s below the belt. Certain stuff you do, if you’re going to do it, it’s plain out to me, it’s just hatred. And to me, that means that you don’t want nothing to do with this person if you’re going to try and lie and really throw somebody under the bus, you don’t want nothing to do with them period. He has a tendency of doing things like that, and coming back and apologizing, which he did. Because right after the taping of the reunion, of course you guys didn’t know, he apologized. He was just like, ‘I’m sorry – I was hurt. I just let my emotions get the best of me. Everybody thinks you’re perfect.’ I never said I was perfect, but never have I messed with a married man and got pregnant and had an abortion. Like come on, really?

No word yet on if Erica’s new boo will join her on season 3 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. [Mara the Socialite]

  • DIVA

    Well it looks like Erica will have a interesting story line for season 3 of LHHA. I wish her luck with her new Boo because the Scrappy thing has played out…

  • Chile

    reading this you would think it’s a some bad soap opera. These are not rational adults running around “spilling” each others business.

    • Gingertee21

      After the reunion, Scrappy released a statement to the press that he made up the story about Erica and someone’s husband. He was angry because they are not together and believes that he deserves another chance. What sad is that he would to that to his daughter’s mother.

      • way did erica dxon says

  • Alaya_MingLee

    I really like Erica. She honestly seems to have the most since to me.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like they are both happy…

  • Noni

    If she doesn’t come back next season, then what is she going to do to make a living? They hate the drama, they say but it doesn’t stop them from returning the following season.

    • Alaya_MingLee

      Erica actually had a job before this all started. She made a living before and I’m sure she’ll do it again. Plus she has her modeling thing going.

  • emma griffin

    i wish Erica all the luck in the world. I wish that everything work out for her and her new man.

  • m&m

    I wished the interviewer would have asked her about the rumor of why she and Scrappy did not return after the break. It’s been rumored they weren’t dramatic enough and fired immediately. That would be a good interview @Jas!

    • Okay, so the interviewer did ask, but I didn’t include it bc I didn’t think people cared anymore. Their daughter was bitten by a dog (sad and random!) so they had to jet off. During the interview, Erica said that what upset her was that Momma Dee stayed at the reunion taping and she felt like if she was concerned about her grand daughter, she would have left with them.

    • BTW, I considered interviewing her but with them off the air, don’t think people really care as much. Point taken though. I’ll sit down with her when I go back to Atlanta.

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