NeNe Leakes Confesses Hubby Has 5 Kids From Previous Marriage + Brooke Bailey Announces She’s Not Returning to Basketball Wives

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Bet you didn’t know that, did ya?

On the premiere episode of NeNe Leakes’ spin-off show, I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding, viewers learned an interesting tidbit. Greg, NeNe’s husband, was not only married before jumping the broom with this Real Housewives of Atlanta star, but he also has five children from this marriage. During the episode, NeNe told her youngest son:

He’s had a difficult time…you know he was married before. He’s been with us forever. It’s hard for him and his kids. Hopefully, Greg is going to get everything worked out.

The couple also had a therapy session, where she explained:

I feel like his kids have always been against me…It feels like they feel like I had something to do with Greg and their mom break-up…It’s jus so weird that you never tried to bring us together.

Interesting, right? It’ll be even more interesting to see how this plays out on the show. According to NeNe’s hints and promos from upcoming episodes, tension between one of Greg’s children (from his previous marriage) and NeNe hit an all time high.

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And in other news, folk are still speculating about who is and isn’t returning to Basketball Wives LA. While we’re limited on what we can share about the show (contractually), we can share what the VH1 cast members are sharing on public forums. Recently, Brooke Bailey, who appeared last season on the show will not be returning. She shared the news on twitter, responding to a questions:

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No word on why she isn’t returning, but she’s not the only one. Both Laura and Gloria Govan have also confirmed that they won’t be returning.


We recently interviewed Gloria who confirmed that they’d be saying ‘deuces’ to the show and had plans of their own non-scripted show:

We’re working on a family show – me and my sister, Gilbert, Matt, all of our kids – you know, my sister has got like 18 kids. I [was] just saying “Gosh! You have a lot of kids!” Yeah, it’s really 4. But it feels like 18, because they’re all over the place. So yeah, we’re doing a lot of stuff. We have a lot of stuff that we’re doing together which is really cool.

No confirmed reports on why they left, but there are rumors that they were asked not to return after Gloria secretly eloped in Las Vegas with now hubby Matt Barnes. What’s more? After last season, executive producer Shaunie O’Neal was very vocal about shaking things up again in the casting department. Anywho, what are your thoughts about the departures of Brooke Bailey, along with Laura and Gloria Govan? Great idea or potential disaster? 

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  • vapariga

    Jasmine, great interview w/Evelyn & killer earrings! Pretty look for you :-)

    On a Greg & NeNe note; wow! who knew! That was well kept, even within the media & blogs.

    • thank you! and yes, very well kept secret.

      • Ann Carter

        Hi Jasmine, do you know the numbers NeNe did last last night, am assuming a lot of people tuned in.

  • cocochanel31

    First off..Nene why bring up Greg being a deadbeat after fifteen years wth! Why was this not an issue the first time y’all got married..wth! I could not and would not marry a dead beat dad..just can’t do it.

    Sooo glad the Govans and their negative energy are off BBW and Brooke was a negative Nelly too…that was the right casting choice!

  • Anonymous

    Why would you assume that he is a deadbeat because he did not mention his kids? I will stay tuned in to see if in fact he is a deadbeat.

    • Ann Carter

      i was about to say the same thing, and she never even said he was a dead beat, she just said he didnt do a good job in blending in the two families, from what i got from the show, he actually has a good relationship with them, he just didnt extend it to NeNe.

  • Not A Fan

    A lot of families have issues when the parents divorce and remarry. This has played out on the Kardashians show as well between Bruce and his kids. I don’t think not having a great relationship and being a dead-beat are the same thing tho. Either way, as for Nene thinking about it now vs 15 years ago– maybe over the years she has grown and evolved like all people should. Clearly there were a lot of problems the first time around for her and Greg, hence the divorce. Just because you did it wrong the first time doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to fix things if you’re blessed with an opportunity to get a second chance. “Do better” is always the movement.

  • A

    Damn 5…. he would of guessed that..

    • A

      He = who

  • tnc

    wow. nene is a homewrecker. greg is really a stevie j. and she wondered why his kids hate her