[Audio] Teyana Taylor Says Rihanna’s Stans Condone Her Cyber Bullying Behavior

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teyana taylor-talks recent twitter beef with rihanna-the jasmine brand

A day after having a pretty loud and public twitter beef with Rihanna, Teyana Taylor has given her side of the disagreement. The Harlem native called into popular Hot 97 radio show, vocalizing why she didn’t let Ri Ri’s subliminal diss go unnoticed.

On how she found out about the Instagram video that Rihanna’s hair stylist made: 

I randomly was on my Instagram page and I had heard that she had made a video…So I went to twitter, someone sent me the video..I just thought it was really harsh….For her to go and make a video like that…she knew what she was doing. And when she usually does that…I know her very well and I made that very clear.

On #RihannaNavy co-signing Rihanna’s behavior: 
I just think her stans are loud and they condone her behavior and she does this to everyone. You do it, you do it to everyone. You didn’t think it would go as far as it did….Sometimes you’re gonna bark up the wrong tree.
On her considering Rihanna a cyber bully:  
I do think she’s a cyber bully; I really do. You know, I think she has dope music. I’m not no hater. she’s a pretty girl but that don’t mean you can just bully anybody; it don’t work like that.
On Rihanna calling Teyana Taylor ‘broke’: 
First of all we know that these web sites…those are inaccurate….This girl is that’s worth 90 million dollars went all the way on line to find the lowest net worth, which is false, but look….I don’t even care about that….Remember she’s worth 90 million dollars….she ain’t got time. She had time to go on google, you had time to make me your main picture but yet you tweet, ‘I’m not gonna make her famous…’
Check out the full audio below:

What are your thoughts? Is Rihanna being a cyber bully? And if so, are her fans condoning her behavior?

  • Tazzy

    Bravo Teyana! Put her in her place! How do you have everything at ur disposal and still be miserable???? Money def doesn’t buy happiness!

  • Anonymous

    Yes Rihanna is bully, but if they know each other and have each other numbers, then why didn’t Taylor just call her up and say “hey, what’s going on with this shade”.

  • Tazzy

    Worth 90 mil acting like a $9 hoe! She needs to lose some endorsements to bring her back to reality. She hates broke bitches…so does that mean she hates HER NAVY? I’m sure none of them r bringing home millions! She needs to be careful with her words!

  • A

    the beef continues……