Did ‘Baggage Claim’ Flop Or Not? David E. Talbert Responds

Written by tjbwriteratlanta in Blog
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Number’s don’t lie, right? Even we were confused with conflicting reports on how David E. Talbert’s new movie, Baggage Claim, did at the box office. The film boasts of a who’s who in Black Hollywood, with a cast including Paula Patton, Taye Diggs, Boris Kodjoe and Jill Scott. And while some of us loved the film (*raises hand*), others not so much. Deadline reports:
Despite dismal critical reviews 18% positive on Rotten Tomatoes and opened with $9.2M. The studio was so embarrassed  by this dopey premise pic that it never bothered sending any pre-release or post-release intel about it.
Another outlet, Moviefone, shared:
Baggage Claim” had a slight edge over “Don Jon,” with $9.3 million to $9 million for “Don Jon.” It’s clear that “Baggage Claim” outperformed expectations.
With “Baggage Claim,” the studio had a strong chance of reaching that often skeptical African-American audience, thanks to the presence of Talbert and that cast, while the marketing of the movie has been generic enough for the film to have a chance at crossing over to non-black audiences as well.
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According to Talbert’s tweets and some more digging that we did, it looks like the film was the number one comedy in America. On Monday, he tweeted:
David-E-Talbert-Baggage-Claim-Tweet-The-Jasmine-Brand David-E-Talbert-Baggage-Claim-Tweet-2-The-Jasmine-Brand
Anywho, what were your thoughts on the film?

  • m&m

    Absolutely LOVED the movie, saw it twice back to back days.

  • love

    I’m looking forward to seeing it.

  • Anonymous

    I saw it, it was decent but I could have waited for it to come on T.V. Paula’s acting was so horrible-it’s like she is so one dimensional. She “acted” the exact same way in Just Wright, Precious, and Deja vu i.e. very “dumb-ish”. I did think Jill Scott was hilarious though and definitely appreciated all the nice looking men in the movie.

    • GW

      Can’t even waste my money to see this. The only reputable actor in this film is Djimon Hounsou. Wondering when the black filmmakers in Hollywood will start to realize you can’t take social media stars, muscian’s and other personalities and not think the acting will suffer. La La, Trey Songs, Christina Milian, Jill Scott, etc. none of them are good actors, they should stay in their lane. The rest are actors by trade but not that great in their own right. Looks like another Tyler Perry type film, very predictable and caters to one segment of one demographic.

      • Anonymous


      • Anala

        I agreed with you up until you mention Jill. Jill CAN act! I haven’t seen this movie but her other work is good. But you were spot on with everything else. Lala? Trey Songz? GTFOH!

      • Anala

        That’s just as bad as when Beyonce gets offers…Well at least these people can articulate their words…

    • Anonymous

      I agree, it was okay. I also loved Jill Scott in this movie. I like Paula Patton, but I would love to see her as a smart women instead of the girl who can’t get a man.

  • jay

    I only heard one person even mention this movie and it was a bad review :(

  • Anonymous

    FLOP! This was the dumbest movie i’ve ever seen. I wanted to shoot myself in the head 20 minutes into this movie. The storyline was beyond stupid. And why does black hollywood think Paula Patton is such a big movie draw? Thank god i didn’t spend my money to see this but i had to apologized to the person that spent theirs.

  • m&m

    I liked the movie- but I will say Jill Scott was the best actress to me.

  • m&m

    BTW- for those who did see it, is it me or did Paula Patton look EXTRA white? Especially during the opening.

  • Blogger

    Im glad this movie flopped it was the most blatant example of colorist since the 1950″s no problem with Patton being the lead but did all the women have to half white light skinned Hispanic ? And of course Jill Scott (who I love ) played the stereotypical Sassy darker sidekick who is Plus size don’t need that crap