Kim Kardashian Steps Out In Boob Baring Givenchy Dress + Check Out Baby North’s High-End Designer Diggs

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Picture 5

It may be safe to say that Kim Kardashian has officially bounced back, right? As you know, her and boyfriend Kanye West are taking in all things Paris Fashion Week and last night, the 32-year-old new mommy stepped out wearing a black flowing, low-cut Givenchy dress.

Picture 6

Speaking of fashion…As expected Kanye and Kim’s infant daughter, North, will also be stylin’ on you baby hoes. This week, Kim showed off her daughter’s latest high-end digs that were gifted, of course.

Picture 7


Picture 8

Maison Martin Margiela

Picture 9

Alexander Wang

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  • vapariga

    Seems like Kim doesn’t smile anymore & the blond isn’t a great look on her either, she looks older. This is definitely a different Kim!

  • The Mrs

    i dont like the blonde either. She doesnt look happy, It seems like that Kayne likes things to go his way. She better not ever try to leave him and take that baby. because when he gets made he will curse her out in a song and interviews. I think she picked the wrong one this time.

    • vapariga

      @ The Mrs…. lmao, you are so right. Kanye seems like a nut. And she really does not look happy & probably isn’t. Time will tell.

  • m&m

    The blond is a no-go. I’d see her going red before blond. And that dress (which looks like pants, fashioned at the ankle) is an epic fail I’m sorry. How can you know if she’s snapped back with all that baggy black material!??!

    • I like the blonde highlights. Not sure if I could handle red. I like her hair dark/black too.

  • A

    Kim looked like she lost some weight…

  • Shannon

    I think the blonde looks good on her…I think the makeup is all wrong. She looks drab and tired.

  • Tweet

    Yall dont see the 3rd pic looking similiar to Beyonce??? or is just me??