[WATCH] For Mature Eyes Only: Finally! Rihanna Releases ‘Pour It Up’ Video

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**For Mature Eyes Only’

After a few days of teasing #RihannaNavy fans with risque photos and behind-the-scenes shots, Rihanna has released the video for her ‘Pour It Up’ video.
Picture 15

As expected, the three minute video showcases Rihanna and some killer pole dancers dancing with money, jewels and water. Imagine a strip club in slow motion.

Picture 18

Watch. And Learn.

[Huffington Post]

  • Ok …um …I am kinda glad I never jumped on the Rihanna train. There’s a difference between an artist being artistic or just selling out for the sake of mentally broke fans – or trying to steal attention from (can I say ‘single mothers’ without being offensive to those saving and being responsible?). Throw this mess up and away.

  • EBills

    Agress MrsOgba, the thing is this song is already so “ratchet” (in a ggod way), why create a even more ratchet video. For me, I would have preferred to see her “do it big” with her money since she is balling out. For example, this could of been a very comical video where she buys an Island, provide the best food, invites all her friends and just have a big party. Maybe even have Kevin Hart and a few other comedians do some funny stuff i.e. maybe someone is too poor for party and they are trying to sneak on the island….idk, but this video could have been way more creative

    • EBills

      good way is what i meant

      • Joy

        Right!!! She coulda came way more classier than this!!! She is begging for attention if you ask me…I wonder how her self esteem really is she has the money so why stoop this low

  • Joy

    Rihanna need to sit down on somebody couch. #ISSUES

  • Kris

    Oh Rhianna! This just doesn’t surprise me. I had a feeling the video was going to be ratchet. There is nothing wrong with pole dancing etc. It can be sexy with out being raunchy. I just wish she woud’ve left all the twerkin and booty shaking to the actual pole dancers. At this point she is beyond over exposed!

  • Robin

    I would love to see how many parents and celebrities will be on tv tomorrow calling this a disgrace. They are always on these hip hop/ rap artist about what they say in their lyrics and how they mistreat women in videos.
    #softporn #yourdaughtersrolemodel. And by no means is this hating!!!

  • The Mrs

    ewww is this just to sell records , she just mind as well do porn. whats next doing a live vaginal cam. men sell records all the time and you dont see them doing all this mess.


    ***hiding behind a tree….way, way, way down the road—yelling*** I liked it…wasn’t really paying attention to Rihanna

  • Yolanda

    No self respect

  • Jamie

    You ain’t got to exploit your body like this all the time. If video after video is always showcasing your sexuality, don’t you see something is off about that. It’s always female artists or females in male artists videos doing this mess. Degrading yourself down to just an object for somebody’s amusement. Sad.