[VIDEO] Laura Govan Chastizes Shaunie O’Neal For Inviting Hoes On Basketball Wives + Is Draya Michele Getting A Spin-Off?

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This isn’t particularly new news, but Laura Govan isn’t the biggest fan of Shaunie O’Neal, the creator of VH1’s ‘Basketball Wives’. Laura and her sister, Gloria Govan, have been casts on Basketball Wives LA (Gloria started off on Basketball Wives’ original version filmed in Miami) for more than two seasons. Both sisters will not be featured on the new season of Basketball Wives LA and there are conflicting reports as to why they left. Some suggest they were fired (after Gloria eloped to her NBA baller hubby Matt Barnes in Vegas), while other say they quit because they were un-pleased with the direction of the show. This week, TMZ caught up with Laura asking her about her experience on the show. The reality star (who is a bridesmaid on NeNe Leakes’ wedding special show) remarked:

“I feel like she didn’t keep [the show] in the basketball creed.She shoulda kept ‘Basketball Wives,’ basketball wives” … adding, “There coulda been a ‘Housewives or a Ho’ show for everybody else later.”

So who exactly is she referring to? Well, we’re not sure. In past seasons, she’s had a not-so-pleasant relationship with Draya Michele, a current Basketball Wives LA cast member. Draya, along with other past and current members are not in relationships with professional basketball players. In fact, between both shows, the only married basketball wife is Jackie Christie and Malaysia Pargos. With that said, doe she have a point or is she bitter for not being on the new season?

Picture 5

And speaking of Draya, is she hinting at a new spin-off show in the works. Earlier this week, she shared the photo above, writing:

You guys want this TV show or what ?!? #Fineassgirls

Fine*ss girls is the name of Draya’s clothing line and she refers to her group of girlfriends ‘Fine*ss Girls’. We’ll keep our eyes and ears open on this rumor. But in the meantime, what are your thoughts on a rumored show featuring Draya and friends?

  • siarasheree

    Some hoes have some damn NERVE…smh

  • Well

    She does know what she’s talking about….birds of a feather. The show has fallen off you get tired of watching Tammy ghetto ass, and the chick talks with a lisps that they use as a gun dummy, and Evelyn on her emotional roller coaster.

  • The Mrs

    I agree its no Basketballs wives. Its kinda like the Food Network and they only have 1 out of 10 food shows featured. She should call it Basketballs Exes

  • PrimeBella

    Isn’t she the “hoe” that was sleeping with shaq while he was married to shaunie???

  • SexySam1908

    Ummm, she still isn’t married to Gilbert…soooo isn’t she speaking of herself?!?

  • vapariga

    Talkin bout – open mouth, insert foot! Gloria is just trying to stay relevant, of which she is only relevant because of this very topic…wow, smh. #noshedidn’t!lol

    • vapariga

      My bad, I meant “LAURA”…


    POT!!!! Why is that “Kettle” talkin’? ***SMDH…give these fools a little airtime and they done lost their damn minds*** And another thing, did she give her Plastic Surgeon a pic of Kim K–because I had to look very close at her picture to even recognize her.

  • m&m

    Got a ring on her finger, and thinks that erases her past??? Now isn’t Laura the pot, calling the… ya’ll know the rest. How about she worry about finding shoes that cover her toes, before she start calling people hoes.
    The fact that Shaunie EVEN LET you breath on her show after rumors you were her (then) husband’s hoe….is a mystery. She ought to be thanking Shaunie for her 3 minutes of fame.