[WATCH] Chris Brown Calls Wendy Williams An ‘Old Plastic Surgery, Flunky’

Written by thejasminebrand in Blog
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chris brown-lashes out on wendy williams-the jasmine brand

Two new folk are caught on the receiving end of a twitter lashing by Chris Brown, but some argue for good reason. Tuesday morning, C-Breezy hopped on twitter taking aim at both popular blogger Perez Hilton and talk show Host Wendy Williams. Why? Mr. Perez did a segment during Wendy’s ‘Hot Topic’ segment and said some not-so-nice things about the 24-year-old singer.

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Perez reported about Chris’ recent interview, where he talked about losing his virginity at 8 years old. Recapping the story, Perez explained to Wendy’s audience:

He doesn’t give good interview for good reason…the fact that now he’s describing it in such a way as, ‘It helped me be a beast at it!’ Chris Brown has a disease, his disease is he has half of a brain…and I don’t say that to be mean…He just does not have a grasp of reality…He says if it weren’t for the Rihanna incident, he’d be bigger than life….

Here’s the clip.

After hearing that Perez and Wendy were talking about him on the show, Chris lashed out on twitter, writing:

Thanks for the publicity. Your insecurities are manifested by your hatred. Princess Perez and wicked witch Wendy….Flunkies! Who cares. It’s old.. Your old.. Im not going anywhere… Face it and live with yourself….can’t take advice from 2 buff chicks when one can’t stand to look at herself without plastic surgery and the other is forever on his period….I’m going back to sleep. Lol

Eek! Was Chris’ twitter lashing warranted or is he being overly sensitive? 

  • m&m

    LOL- did that idiot even wath the show bc Wendy was actually on his side….. And knowing he was molested at 8 by a 14 year old girl does put a lot of his behaviors into context. I hope he gets help.

    • I think ppl were just tweeting him and he hadn’t watched it yet. It airs later on the West Coast, so I’m assuming he may’ve jumped the gun.


    Chris and that mouth! His PR people need to get him in check, seriously. He needs to stay out of the media for just a minute without all of the negativity. I like CB but he should already know, a lot of people are still not feeling him. He needs to chill & ignore the Perez’s, etc. as hard as it may be but I guess that comes with maturity.

  • siarasherees

    SMH ..Chris is such a easy target as usual…

  • I don’t feel he was in the wrong because someone is always talking aboyt him let him live his life. What would u do if it was u.

    • m&m

      What would I have done….
      1- watch the show for myself and form my own opinion.
      2- consult with my PR team, I mean that’s why they get paid goo-gobs of my money.
      3- ask Wendy to let me come on the show for a rebuttal.
      4- think before I tweet
      5- find something else to do
      6- remember the old saying “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”
      7- pray
      8- take a deep breath
      9- laugh
      10- joke with them (i mean, if you can’t beat them….)
      12- talk with my therapist (I’m SURE he has to have one, and if not….)
      13- step away from my phone to avoid the tweets
      14- see my haters as my motivators
      15- be mature and ignore it

      do i have to go on? he can’t cyber bully everyone that doesn’t like him. when you chose to make your money off the public, you MUST know that not everyone in the public is going to like you. when you brag about things like losing your virginity at 8, and engage in domestic violence you must expect it will not be forgotten and IT WILL BE TALKED ABOUT. He just needs to grow thicker skin or be quiet for bit.

      • vapariga

        Nuff said & VERY WELL SAID…AMEN, m&m!

  • I am so sick of people talking about chris. Rhianna went back to him so who cares. Wendy should worry about what her husband is doing.

    • m&m

      we care bc it doesn’t make it right OR erase what happened OR erase what he continues to do. Oh- and I’m sure Wendy cares about what goes on in her home, after the way she did Whitney back in the day….karma baby…she will get her day soon enough.

      • BA

        Chris has every right to try and defend himself and his brand when others are wrecklessly talking about him in the manner they do….whether he’s talking or not. Footnote on the DA issue, I’m not condoning any man putting his hands on any woman…..except to defend himself against an attack. In their situation, one side of the story was given…..you guys have NO idea what Re Re’s role was in this matter. Classy for Chris not to go down that road and took the heat.

  • jakera

    I don’t blame Chris for lashing out at them and sometimes to help cope with things that happen bad in the past makes it easier to joke about it i mean he was only 8 he’s grown who can blame him for the way he acts now and the stuff that’s been done to him not to mention an abusive past with him and his family.. my point is we’re all not perfect we cannot help the way we are. Some ppl need to grow up realized and let go of things. Perez didn’t have to insult him like that and Chris should’ve came at perez instead of ezWendy.

  • Kia

    I’m like Chris Princess Perez needs to sit down they need to leave that boy alone. Alot should be said about Rihanna, how she slept her way up. She’s not as innocent as people portray her. I don’t like her or her music. Team Breezy