You Can’t Sing With Us! ‘R&B Divas’ Tour Kicks Off…Was Chante Moore Uninvited?

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chante moore-not invinted to divas tour-the jasmine brand
 Fans of the ‘R&B Divas‘ franchise should be thrilled with this news! According to CNikki, the official tour, ‘Diary of kicks off Thanksgiving, but as you know (if you watched the reunion show of ‘R&B Divas LA’), drama and confusion ensued after Kelly Price made the announcement. Long story short, a day after the reunion episode aired, we interviewed Chante Moore who was included in the tour. Oddly enough, the diva denied that the tour was taking place. She told us exclusively:

Well it was a premature announcement that was made by Kelly. I didn’t know that she’s going to make that announcement on the show but I thought that I should let it go at that time because the reunion was taped a couple of weeks ago; because I thought by now, it would be cleared up or settled – that it would happen or would be for sure, or either way I thought something would be settled and at this moment, nothing is happening. They postponed or cancelled – definitely postponed – I don’t know if it’s ever going to get picked up. Period. But she made an announcement that we’re going and I was like “Okay…?” because there weren’t conversations so I thought “Well, maybe she has a scoop on something that I’m unaware of or maybe just trying to surprise us and I thought that it was just something that really positive which was going to happen but again, it seems like she’s talking prematurely and it actually isn’t happening. That tour was cancelled so I was a little uneasy by that.

Fast forward to the present day and the tour has been given a green light.

chante moore-not invited on rb divas tour-the jasmine brand

So, who is included in the tour? Reportedly, Faith Evans, Kelly Price, Keke Wyatt, Nicci Gilbert and Dawn Robinson will be hitting the stage. The official title is ‘Diary of A Diva.’  Chante Moore is no longer listed as apart of the line-up. No word on why BrownStone won’t be involved in the tour as well. [CNikki]

  • A

    Damn, Chante got the boot…. doing a double take on the lineup I see there is a common theme…. #CrazyPeople

  • love

    Will not waste a DIME on these mean-spirited DIVAS.

    • DIVA

      I TOTALLY AGREE! I will not be supporting this concert.

  • m&m

    That was a dumb move on their part, everyone knows GOOD AND WELL that Chante would sell more seats than Dawn Robinson- does she even have any of her own music?

  • kim

    I would’ t pay to see any of them.Kelly better pray she does’ t get booed.Faith is ok and ke ke is good for a few songs.Those other two no way.They did you a favor girl.

  • Gingertee21

    That was a blessing. If Faith was smarter, she would remove herself and then they could change it to the Bitter Bitches of R&B Tour. They could letter The Bitter Ex-Bitches of Basketball open for them , followed by the Ghetto Bitches of Love & Hip Hop. (this does not pertain to all but it is not hard to figure out who)

  • james

    KeKe Wyatt is the best performer! Chante is also a class act that doesn’t need to share a stage.

  • james

    Chante doesn’t want to tour with a mean Christian that pack Timberlands, Vaseline and a knife.

  • DIVA

    The only person I would pay to see is Faith because I am in love with her new song “Tears of Joy”. I wouldn’t pay a dime to see any of the other ladies. Chante should be thankful that they took her off the list that was a blessing for her. The concert should have been Lil Mo, Chante, Faith, Syleena & Angie Stone…that would have been a GREAT concert!

    • love

      OMG! YES!! It would be SOLD OUT! I’d get a group of my girls together to make it a girls night.

  • vapariga

    I hope that Chante’ is thankful! She is the classiest and most entertaining out of them all anyway. While they’re all very talented, I wouldn’t pay to see this tour just based on the attitudes that were displayed on the show. I have a whole new opinion of them now, especially Kelly…VERY disappointing. Its funny how after watching these reality shows, it can change one’s perspective in a heartbeat. Not sure if that show was good for them or not. Anyway, GOOD FOR CHANTE! She could probably promote her own show and do 10x better by herself. I would buy that ticket!

  • love

    The problem it, Nicci & Faith need to not mix business with personal. If they were smart business women, they would pull together the “most liked” divas for this play, then take a percentage of the revenue.

    NOT SMART LADIES! Not smart.

  • kim

    YES!YES!Now,I would buy a ticket to that concert.

    • kim

      I was agreeing with Divas’ comment

  • darlene p

    This garbage tour was cancelled. Go to ticket master. Nobody wanted to see these angry black hoes gettin paid after that Uncle Tom show they put on TV One! And GOOD RIDDANCE!