[VIDEO] Ousted TLC Member, Crystal Jones, Does Radio Interview Blasting Movie For Being Inaccurate + Biopic Brings HUGE Numbers to VH1

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This week, the highly anticipated VH1 biopic, CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, aired, immediately trending on social media. And as expected, there were some that were unpleased with how they were portrayed. Who? Ousted member, Crystal Selene Jones. Recently, we gave you the backstory on Crystal’s role in the group and how she was fired from the group and is now writing a tell-all. Welp, that’s not it. After viewing the movie, Crystal is even more bothered by her portrayal. After the show aired, she wrote on twitter: 

To sing was not important to me. The truth is. Pivotal players were omitted&I am thankful to have been able to shed some light…

And Tuesday morning, she visited Atlanta’s V-103, giving her side of the story. In short, she explains that she was not fired from the group because she couldn’t sing. She claims that Pebbles removed her from the group because she refused to sign the contract. Watch a few clips of her appearance.

And in other TLC news, the numbers for the flick have came in. It’s no surprise that the biopic became the network’s highest-rated telecast in more than five years. According to Deadline, the 9 PM premiere last night averaged 4.5 million total viewers. The film also was the most tweeted program last night with 1.92 million tweets generated — four times greater than the No. 2 program, Monday Night Football, according to SocialGuide. Sweet!

  • A

    The beef continues….

  • Tan

    Well the movie is from how they saw things. Over the years I have heard she got cut and they were orginally called 2nd Nature. People may have been left out due to editing. It’s not way they could tell 20 yrs of their life in that amount of time. This is not their first time saying that she got the axe, so why say something to clear it up now? Why not clear it up then. Is it because she is writing a book and this will spark interest to hear her side of the story?

  • Not A Fan

    I can admit I have no idea how devastated she must have felt to bring Left Eye and T-Boz together and be left behind as they became one of the most famous groups of all time…. They have always been open about the fact that she got cut and the movie did show that she was the one who brought them together. That’s what you get- an honorable mention. At this point she really needs to ease on down the road and let this thang go.

  • trell

    Yeah but even when they did behind the music of tlc , they said she was kicked out because her and pebbles didn’t get along. Also la reid decide to put her in the group and it was rumor she was sleeping with him when she was a dancer for damine dame

  • I just say God don’t like ugly, Crystal brought them together and then was kicked out of the group. Karma is a b**ch, that is why they sold tons of records and never was paid.

  • vapariga

    I agree with “NOT A FAN”, including the fact that they couldn’t squeeze every little detail into a couple of hours, which they admitted themselves. The focus wasn’t on Crystal but they did include her. I watched them on Wendy Williams and they shed a whole lot of light on behind the scenes. I thought that the movie was excellent and really should have been in theatres.

  • Anonymous

    That’s not fair to say since Pebbles was the one who decided to kick her out. They were young & made bad business decisions without malice, so I don’t see where Karma applies.

  • Kia

    I feel the same way why didn’t Crystal clear it up from the beginning instead of trying to use “she wouldn’t sing the contract. Crystal please move on because that is a cope out. You missed the bus now move on damn!!