[VIDEO] Nene Leakes’ Half Sister Throws Insults, Jabs & Accusations

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Nene’s Leakes’ half sister is speaking out and it’s not pretty. As of late (and excuse our tardiness) Kenya Kendle Sherman has battled with her sister (or half depending on who you believe) very publicly and is now throwing even more accusations about the Real Housewives of Atlanta break-out star. In a recent interview with Courtney Luv, Kenya dished about how she feels being referred to as Nene’s half-sister, why she disapproves of NeNe’s marriage (both times) to Gregg (she makes an interesting comment about how they met) and her recent run-in with Marlo Hampton. Peep the excerpts below.

On why we really seen her RHOA or I Dream Of Nene::
Well you know my sister, I believe she has her own issues with our family…Honey, that is my sister, I’m black we don’t say half. We say sister. We share the same mom and we share the same dad. Listen, when people say what they have to say about our family it’s okay. Nene knows and I know. We’re sisters. Maybe because she gone Hollywood now, so maybe now that she’s hollywood, I’m considered a half sister.
On why she wasn’t invited to Nene’s weddings:
I was invited to the first wedding, I just wasn’t in the first wedding. I really don’t know why. That’s a good question, maybe we have to ask Nene one day.
On why she didn’t approve her marriage to Gregg:
Gregg was a married man. She let the world know, it is what it is, everyone knows that.
On their relationship now: 
Right now we don’t even have a relationship. Right now we’re not communicating. Nene likes it [communication] on blast, she likes everybody to know, this is how she likes it. You know I tried to talk to her one on one privately but she prefers it this way so this is how we communicate.
On their childhood: 
We grew up together. Nene did live in Georgia with my aunt that is true. We grew up together as far as summers, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, everything. Don’t take it the wrong way we could have lived together in New York but my sister asked my mom could she go to school in Georgia and my mom okayed it. My mom would never ship her kids off.
On her appearance being edited out of an episode of RHOA: 
Yeah she had a fit I guess, I mean it was no shade, Phaedra invited me to her baby’s birthday party. Phaedra was my attorney prior to her coming on the show so we had established a friendship as well as our families know each other from Athens cause she is from Athens. So our families know each other, we were familiar with one another so it wasn’t like strangers…We know each other.
On the rumors she was kicked out of a party hosted by Marlo:
Allegedly, I was kicked out. Allegedly, we had words. No, none of that happened. I went to the event, thinking that I can get some orders for hair…I didn’t want anyone to know that I was her sister and I stressed that to Marlo and she said, ‘Girl I recognize you, I know who you are’and I said, ‘You do? Don’t say it too loud, come to the back, lets talk in the back.’One more thing about Marlo’s event,she did let me know that she recognized what I was saying about what I was saying about my sister, and how my sister is very messy, that let me know that she knew what time it was.
Peep the entire interview below.

P.S. Don’t they both have an over-the-top, larger-than-life, entertaining personality? P.S.S. Do you believe any of Kendra’s claims? 

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  • anala

    I believe her…but it would help if she did this BEFORE Nene blew up. Now it makes her look scorned.

    • Gingertee21

      She probably did not think Nene would act like such a rat

  • DIVA

    I believe her as well. But I wonder did they have a relationship b4 NeNe became Hollywood? I also believe NeNe has let fame go to her head.

    • Not a Fan



    Who is this interviewer? She is HORRIBLE!!!!! :-(

  • tray

    So what, she is bitter, maybe she want to b a housewife and cash checks too. Why now after 6 damn seasons. GURL have a seat and take ur azz back to Athens.

  • Gingertee21

    Kenya looks just like the man that Nene found out was her real father, the one who Bryce took after. No denying that.

  • kim

    I think the reason she calls her half is because they don’t have the same father according to her.If I’m not mistaken in an episode of Atlanta housewives did’ t she take a DNA test with a man to see if it was her father?So if they have the same father why would she go through that?

    • Gingertee21

      She said they have the same mother and father and Kenya looks just like that guy Nene found out was her dad.

  • kim

    I don’t think she looks like Bryce.I don’t mean any harm but Bryce is somewhat cute.She is not attractive.I don’t mean any harm.She does’ t even look anything like her before the nose job.I know not everyone looks alike in a family.But,their should be some resemblance.I don’t see any.

    • vapariga

      They look nothing alike but half or whole, they still have the same blood running through their veins, so regardless they are sisters.

      • kim

        Well what matters is what NeNe feels.So her sister has to take it or leave it.

  • Anonymous

    If you have the same mother it’s not half duhh you came from same wond it’s only half when you only share same father different mothers ijs..but either way your siblings

    • What on earth are you talking about, same mother different father means they are NOT half? are you from mars? Learn to spell its womb not wond..