[VIDEO] Openly Gay College Student Alleges He Was Rejected by Kappa Alpha Psi Because of Sexuality

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morgan state university student-rejected by kappa alpha psi-for being openly gay-the jasmine brand

Some pretty accusations are being hurled by a Morgan State University student, claiming that he was rejected by a fraternity because of his sexuality. The student’s name is Brian Stewart and at first glance, some would think that he would be a perfect fit for KAPPA ALPHA PSI. As an active member at the historically black college, his resume boasts of experience as a former intern for President Obama’s administration. So what’s the issue here? In an interview with Fox 45, he suggests that he was rejected because he is gay and found a series of messages, indicating this. He explained:

I feel hurt. Hurt in the sense that I’m still not good enough.

He continued:

If you don’t agree with how I life my life…that does not give you the right to cast negativity or derogatory slurs on what I do.

He received his denial letter on October 3 and filed a claim against the university and the fraternity. Morgan State University began investigating last week and issued this statement;

The University is aware of the complaint filed. The university has launched an investigation to find facts.

Check out the full clip below.

What are your thoughts on his accusations? And should Kappa have the ability to select or deny potential members based on sexuality? 

  • Not a Fan

    I think he seems like a wonderful candidate for membership into Kappa Alpha Psi… emphasis on candidate though. BGLO’s CHOOSE their members. While a stellar application is great it doesn’t guarantee admission. It’s just like applying to college or going through any other selection process- every student with a good GPA, great work/volunteer/leadership experiences and a strong application doesn’t get in. Greek organizations have the right to select whomever they want at their discretion as long as minimum qualifications are met. Therefore it gets hard to tell if this is discrimination on the chapter’s end or a sense of entitlement and disappointment on his end. It is truly a shame if he was in fact denied based on his orientation as the online messages suggest. If that is the reason I’m glad he’s bringing light to the issue so that this chapter and others will assess their selection practices. If he really wants to join the organization hopefully he won’t let this stand in his way. He still has the opportunity to do the same thing many other excellent candidates who are denied admission to their desired org in undergrad do- join a grad chapter after he graduates.

    • K.

      Well put.

  • godiva

    I guess my problem with this is first off how does people especially in the fraternity know that he is gay? He is open with it, or has it just came out with it now that he was rejected? The article doesnt go into detail about either one of those facts so how can we say that the fraternity took that into consideration with his application. First remark was correct how do we know that you arent just taking this rejection badly how do we know that his sexual orientation played a role in this, last time I checked two kappas yes both men recently got married and neither man got denounced by the fraternity when they did this so people dont be so quick to judge a full organization because one person was disappointed. Remember everything we want or assume we deserve we dont always get.

  • Kanon Diggs

    Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated is a private fraternal organization. fraternities and sororities are a protected class under the law and can pick whom we chose. We can deny based upon any reason and we really don’t have to
    Justify it to you. We have a process and we follow it. If you’re not accepted because you’re gay then so be it.
    And we should have the right to say no to whom we chose no matter the circumstance because we are private and we are a members only club… We don’t have to accept you because you worked for Obama. Hell we don’t have to accept Obama because he’s the president… Big deal and congratulations we’re a brotherhood and in this case the brothers of this chapter decided they didn’t want a gay brother in their chapter I applaud them for standing up for their beliefs and guess what… This guy still ain’t getting in

  • DG

    As a member of Kappa Alpha Psi, I think this young man should have granted admission into the fraternity based on his great academic achievements and not on how he lives his personal life. However, I do agree that everything we do in our lives is representative as to how the organization as a whole is perceived. I hope this young does not allow this situation to stain his desire to become a Kappa man. Any alumni chapter would be more than willing to take him in because of the achievements he is amassed and will continue to build upon. Keep your head up young brother.

  • Like any other job or organization there are criteria and qualifications that need to be met for membership and jobs but unlike others fraternities and sororities owe you nothing as to why you are not chosen. It is disheartening that in order to gain something that may not be for you one they try to force themselves onto others. Just because you may have what others may need it has to be understood that nothing you have to offer is what Kappa Alpha Psi needs… What can you offer to Kappa?

  • They have proof of text messages.

  • CocktailJay

    He’s messy. This entire ordeal shows why he doesn’t deserve to be a member. A bigger man would’ve used that information as leverage (blackmail) to get, what you think would be, the ultimate prize; membership. Instead he got messy and catty. Makes me think this was his intention all along. Way to get your name out there…finagle a career out of it before you get blackballed by the Kappas in politics. Lol. May the odds be ever in your favor.

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