[Photos] Swizz Beatz’s 6-Year-Old Son Launches ‘Kaseem’s Dream’: Mashonda, Jennifer Williams, Carmelo Anthony & More Attend

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Kasseem's-Dream-Launch-Brklyn-Beast-The Jasmine-Brand

It’s a party! Swizz Beatz and sons attended the Halloween style launch of ‘Kasseem’s Dream’ in New York City. Beatz (born Kasseem Dean) son Kasseem, 6 (from his previous marriage) is the face of the lifestyle brand for creative kids. Held at the Brklyn Beast, a dance venue that teaches a combination of Parkour, Capoeira and transformative dance, the kids donned Halloween costumes with Kasseem dressed as a zombie and brother Egypt, as a prince. Ex-wife Mashonda, reality star Jennifer Williams, Carmelo Anthony and son Kiyan attended the event. Peep the pics below.

Mashonda-Jennifer-Williams-Attend-Kasseem's-Dream-Launch-The Jasmine-Brand

Jennifer-Williams-Attend-Kasseem's-Dream-Launch-The Jasmine-Brand

Carmelo Anthony-Son-Kiyan-Attend-Kasseem's-Dream-Launch-The Jasmine-Brand

Egypt-Attends-Kasseem's-Dream-Launch-The Jasmine-Brand

Kaseem Dean-Jr-Attend-Kasseem's-Dream-Launch-The Jasmine-Brand

Swizz-Beatz-Egypt-Kasseem's-Dream-Launch-The Jasmine-Brand

Mashonda-son-Kasseem-At-Kasseem's-Dream-Launch-The Jasmine-Brand

Kasseem's-Dream-Launch-The Jasmine-Brand

[Instagram, Daily Mail]


8 Comments to “[Photos] Swizz Beatz’s 6-Year-Old Son Launches ‘Kaseem’s Dream’: Mashonda, Jennifer Williams, Carmelo Anthony & More Attend”

  1. DIVA says:

    It is just good to see Swizz & his ex getting along to support they son. This is how it should be….coming together as 2 sensible adults to support our child. Next time I want to see Alicia Keys in some of the pics to complete the blended family :). Good for them. Hope it last.

  2. Kia says:

    It really is good to see Mashonda and Swizz getting along and no I don’t want to see the homewrecker (Alicia)in the picture. She broke up a family so there is no blending here. No good comes out of things like this.

    • Alaya_MIngLee says:

      She actually didn’t break up their family. Swizz had a daughter with someone else while he was still married to Mashonda. People always seem to forget that. Their marriage was obviously already over. Don’t slander Alicia. No-no honey.

  3. Alaya_MIngLee says:

    Egypt is too cute for his own good. He almost looks like a little girl lol

    • Sonya says:

      Oh, so little girls are the only cute children to you? Egypt does NOT look like a little girl. It kills me how people want to try and get something stupid started.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Because he had a daughter out of wed lock doesn’t mean that there isn’t a home to be broken. Many men are still with the wife they cheated on and had a baby outside. I love ALicia Keys as an artist but a home wrecker is a home wrecker. She made it EASY FOR THAT MAN TO LEAVE MASHONDA!!!! @ Alaya

    • Alaya_MingLee says:

      There marriage was obviously already broken for him to have been with someone outside of the marriage, have unprotected sex with her and get her pregnant. Just b/c she stayed like a dummy the first time doesn’t make Alicia a homewrecker. The home was already wrecked.

  5. Sonya says:

    Egypt is such a cutie pie and Alicia Keys is a very secure woman to not have to be included in everything he does with his other children. More power to her.

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