[WATCH] Awkward Much? Omarosa & Bethenny Get In Heated Argument, Resulting In A $10k Bet

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Does the term put your money where your mouth is mean anything to you? 

Reality star turned talk show host Bethenny learned the hard way, in front of a live audience. This week, Omarosa visited Bethenny and the two got into a bit of an exchange over alleged comments that Bethenny made at ‘The View’.

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In short, Omarosa was under the impression that she and Bethenny were friends, and felt a bit disappointed when Bethenny made some not so nice comments about her. Omarosa explained:

I actually thought we were friends…So, maybe you were just trying to use that to get information..To go on ‘The View’ and bad mouth me to my friend, it’s bad forum…

She continued:

It’s different for you and I, I’m an African American woman…You get to walk around and be mediocre and you still get rewarded with things….We have to be exceptional to get anything in this business…I wasn’t calling her mediocre …

Bethenny, responded:

I meant what I said…I invited you here because you now, I don’t think that you have a brand. I think that you are infamous that’s what I really think…

Omarosa chimed in with:

Honey, you make cupcakes…I worked on the White House. Get a grip!

Check out how this little situation ended.

Welp, at least that $10K is going to charity.

  • sincerelypat

    Why would you have someone on your show that you clearly don’t get along with, then get upset when you’re proven wrong by them. I thought it was in poor taste that after Omarosa left, Bethenny allowed negative comments from her studio audience about her.

  • vapariga

    Cha-ching! LOL, I’d say Bethenny was feeling humiliated & pissed off by having to put her money where her mouth is. Doesn’t she know not to mess with Omarosa!?

  • The Mrs

    Bethenny started it with the smart mouth when she said we werent friends. That when Omarosa turned up the heat. Dont mess with the O

  • Faye

    Omarosa articulated her point of view very well! Bethany has a habit of putting her foot in her mouth and not being called out for it. I didn’t get the impression that Omarosa came on her show with ill-intent but Bethany chose not to accept responsibility for her comments which led to their rift. For Bethany to say that Omarosa is infamous and that’s what she’s known for is a bit hypocritical. She herself was known for having a sharp-tongue on RHONY so does she get a pass because she’s white. When it’s all said and done, Omarosa told the truth.

    • Neith08


  • Tan

    Bethenny was definitely back peddling in the beginning. She definitely didn’t expect to be called out on her own show. I think thats why she responded negative way ( to save face) and to try and get a rise out of Omarosa. She didn’t give her what she wanted. If she had, then she would have said see proved my point, she doesn’t have a brand, she’s just infamous for being …. (whatever she feels Omarosa is infamous for).

  • Neith08

    Omarosa clearly has a brand and it is obvious that she is an intelligent woman. She’s profited off of the Sapphire stereotype in media and rolled with it. Our being smart is threatening (hence the Michelle Obama angry black woman stereotype). Omarosa just ran with it-albeit in a way that I think is problematic. But to say she doesn’t have a brand is nonsense. She’s gonna give Bethenney so much shine because of her visit to the show. Please. Bethenney knows what she did. Two smart business women just came up off of an artificial beef.

  • C

    I love Omarosa. She embodies the strength and intelligence that a lot of people can admire. She proves that you can articulately defend your point of view with out cursing or being belligerent. I commend her.

  • Anonymous

    If Bethenny was paying attention she would have understood that Omarosa is her Brand.

  • I think I disagree with Bethenny on this one. I absolutely believe Omarosa has a ‘brand’. Not 100% cool w/ the church angle, but hell, that’s what she’s passionate about. I thought it was dope that Bethenny had that conversation w/ her on her show. Wish the two could’ve ended on a better note. P.S. Am I the only one who thought you were friends w/ someone and then you realize they didn’t feel the same way? Happened to me recently so I’m a bit more sensitive about it.

  • P.S. No one’s gonna comment on the ‘mediocre’ comment??

  • kim

    I loved it!I was so refreshing to finely see a black person speak truth in front of white America!We do so much trying to fit in with them.She said something so true when you live in your truth good things come.That is so true,what are the odds that two ugly acting woman that are really miserable get their come up.Wendy and Bethanny got that from the same woman.They both deserve what they got.Say it loud!I’m black and I’m proud again!

  • kim

    Jasmine the word mediocre meant so little because so many other real issues took place during this conversation,that really meant more to me as a black woman in America.

  • Christine

    Omarosa WHO??? Jeez have some class lady and your a pastor? Way to handle a GUESTS rudeness Bethenny. It’s ok, she showed herself in front of everyone. I’m not white, but that’s not something you should be teaching young girls. Wow what a role model your NOT!

    • So you’re saying that “Omarosa” should have just sat there and “yes m’am” Bethenny while she insulted her? Omarosa and Bethenny attract different people. They both have separate audiences but I was shocked that Bethenny, who has built her “brand” on being pro-women had the audacity to cut another woman down because her popularity is less, her income is less, her recognition is less, etc. Omarosa displayed a perfect example of how to speak up when someone tries to assassinate your character. I sincerely hope you aren’t one those women who allow people to step over you, criticize you, put you down when you’ve equally tried your best to rise. Bethenny disgusted me. It’s okay to feud with someone but when you say, I’m better than you – you are nothing. You are less than. I am more. That my dear is a woman who is insecure, unhappy and verbalizing to others what she really feels about herself.

      • vapariga

        Very well said, Krystal. Love it.

      • Adrienne

        Preach it Krystal!! Well said response. And Christine sweetie, bet $10,000 you are WHITE and more than likely someone from Betheeny’s camp. lol

    • love

      I agree. Omarosa looked ridiculous! She talked over Bethenny and really didn’t explain herself. I was not impressed. I felt that Bethenny kept it real in this segment.

  • Tweet

    Bethenny, question: So which one is it? You didnt say you have a “real career” or you meant every word of it???? Ummm yeah I think an apology is in order.

  • India

    Betthenny just made me not like her at all. I really don’t like her show because its boring, and then she tries to trash talk Omarosa! Like really Betthenny?

  • Cityboy

    OMAROSA is DEFINITELY a BRAND I will invest my time and money!! Get a grip Betthenny!!

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