LHHNY’s Amina Says She’s Not A ‘Homewrecker’, Calls Tara’s Slap A Sign Of Weakness

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Amina Buddafly Stops By Hot 97-The Jasmine Brand

Love & Hip Hop New York new reality star Amina Buddafly is catching all types of heat these days. This week, she stopped by Hot 97 to speak about the love triangle between her and cast mates Tara Wallace and Peter Gunz. In short, the Germany native explained why she is not a home wrecker, how the romance with Peter began and why Tara is weak. Peep the excerpts below.

On not being a home wrecker:

First of all, like what is it that? How do you wreck a home? A happy [home] can’t be wrecked thats what I think. He came on to me. It was not like I was pulling him away trying to like have him with me. To be really clear with everything like in the beginning, him and I were friends. It was nothing, it was nothing like that. I was with somebody else. My ex broke with me and Peter was our mutual friend. Peter became the person that I kinda grew to like him as a person.
tara slaps amina-love and hip hop season 4-the jasmine brand
On being slapped by Tara:
I didn’t know she was that type of woman. I don’t fight. That’s stupid to me. It’s like a sign of weakness. To me, I don’t come from that. If I would’ve known, I would have been ready.
Watch the entire interview below.

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  • emily burney

    This was such a sexist interview, oh my god.

    “Like you just rattling off a bunch of shit, He’s just pounding her cervix” like that’s the only reason she still loves him through all of their shit

    “Is that where you want me to aim?”

    “Why wou,d you do that then? It’s so noticeable!”

    “Whenever girls have tattoos up here (above collar) I just think why?”

    Are you serious.