[WATCH] Kourtney Kardashian Gets Into Screaming Match With Paparazzi: ‘Shut the F–k Up!’

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kourtney kardashian-fights with paparazzi-with daughter-the jasmine brand

There’s one thing being followed by paparazzi when you’re by yourself or with other adults. But it’s a completely different ballgame when a child is involved, just ask¬†Kourtney Kardashian. This week, tempers flared when Kourtney felt like photogs were going too far, during a recent outing with her one-year-old daughter, Penelope.

i-kourtney kardashian-fights with paparazzi-with daughter-the jasmine brand

The 34-year-old was shopping in Beverly Hills with her daughter, walking on the sidewalk when she was swarmed by a number of photogs. At one point, Kourtney told the photogs,

Move so we can walk…Get out of the way. Get out of the way.

When asked a question by one of the photogs, she warned him:

Don’t talk to me ever, when I’m with my kid.

After being further prodded, she yelled at the photog,

Shut the f**k up!

Eek. Check out the clip for yourself.

Celebrities suggesting they should be off-limits when they’re with their children is nothing new.
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This past September, actress Halle Berry (who has been very vocal about this issue) went to great lengths to fight for children’s protection against paparazzi. In fact, a bill was signed in California, so that¬†Paparazzi and others who harass the children of public figures will face tougher penalties under the legislation. Halle and Jennifer Garner urged lawmakers to support the bill. Halle testified before several legislative committees that her daughter has been intimidated by photographers who follow them daily. Anywho, in today’s scenario with Kourtney and Penlope, did the photogs go too far? [Fish Wrapper, Associated Press]

  • Chelsia

    In England I believe they have already made it against the law for paparazzi to approach when children are there

  • yupthatsME

    she pulled her brother- in-laws move. words straight out of Yeezus’ mouth.

  • yupthatsME

    It is absolutely disgusting how they follow them around like that.

  • Joy

    That is just ridiculous smh and paparazzi are so annoying asking dumbest ass questions

  • Lala

    OMG this is just toooo much smh!!

  • Anonymous

    Not saying what they do is right but everyone has a job to do and that is their job like it or not.

  • Kia

    I agree they should be off limits when they’re with their children BUT hell the Kardashian’s love publicity this is the first time I heard Kourtney say something she never did that when Mason was little

  • DIVA

    omg! that is insane…wow. it really should be a law against this…I am not a child & it scared me so I see why the baby was crying a little.

  • Cityboy


  • The Mrs

    i dont feel sorry for them . Thats why they get paid the money they do. I dont even know why they dont even do anything.