[Photos] My Bag Is Better Than Yours! Kanye West Gifts Kim Kardashian With High Priced Hermès Purse

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Kim and Kanye buying cold weather gear in LA

We caught Kanye West and Kim Kardashian shopping in LA, the day after Christmas. The couple hit up a ski store, leaving with a bag full of ski supplies. Although it was warm (with a high of 77 degrees) the two were dressed as if they were heading for colder weather. Kim sported a cream Max Mara coat, J. Brand jeans, pairing it with a Saint Laurent pump. And as for that over-sized bag on her arms? It’s a Hermes Birkin bag.

Kim and Kanye buying cold weather gear in LA

An uber expensive gift from her fiancee, the bag was hand painted by George Condo (a famous American contemporary visual artist) and is a ‘one-of-one’, meaning it’s the only bag to be produced. If you’re familiar with Birkin bags, you’re well aware that they’re UBER expensive. Leather Birkins (on the low end) start at $10,000, while some of the mid-level crocodile Birkins retail at $60,000. They’re pretty tough to get and have an insane waiting list, but of course not for the famous Kardashian reality star. Here’s a closer look.

kim kardashian-new birkin bag christmas gift 2013-the jasmine brand

#MustBeNice :)

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  • That Chick

    That bag is butt ugly, lol! They look stupid for even spending that kind of money on something that looks like trash. AND how big do you need a purse to be, lol! She ain’t got to carry around that much stuff. I know her arm hurt, haha!

  • The Mrs

    thats one ugly bag. What is in that thing anyway

  • Joy

    That bag looks devilish and it’s not even hot

  • Anonymous

    I’d carry that ugly a** bag proudly! lol

    • love