[Photos] Identity of Ludacris’ New Baby Mama, Tamika Fuller, Revealed?

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ludacris new alleged baby mama-tamika fuller-the jasmine brand

Has the identify of Ludacris’ new baby mama been revealed? 

ludacris baby mama-tamika fuller-baby shower-the jasmine brand

Tamika Fuller Opens Gifts At Her Baby Shower [Photo: Baller Alert]

Reportedly,  The Fast and Furious  actor started a short fling with a woman named Tamika Fuller earlier this year, when he was on break from longtime and current girlfriend Euxodie. The short-lived relationship, resulted in him fathering a child born last month. According to TMZ, the two had a daughter named Cai Bella Bridgesborn on December 9, 2013.

A few inquiring minds want to know, who is Tamika Fuller? A one-night-stand, long-term friend or business acquaintance? According to Baller Alert, none of the above. The site reports that Tamika and Luda go wayyyy back, meeting back in the day when they both attended Benjamin E. Banneker High School in College Park, GA. On the day that Tamika gave birth, she allegedly wrote an interesting tweet about her newborn

ludacris alleged baby mama-tamika fuller-the jasmine brand

Although his newborn claimed his last name, Ludacris has yet to officially claim his daughter’s paternity and he’s in the midst of protecting his assets between his new alleged baby mama. Reportedly, the rapper has filed legal documents claiming he makes $25,842.41 a month and under Georgia law he would be obliged to pay$1,754.66 a month in child support. Folk are speculating that his new baby mama may go after him for all he’s worth, so he wants to set a limit on the amount of child support he will be scheduled to pay to the child’s mother. Allegedly, she use to reside to California, but moved back to Atlanta to have their child.


Ludacris With His Eldest Daughter, Karma.

Luda or his girlfriend Eudoxie have yet to respond to these allegations.


Luda Throws His Girlfriend A Surprise Birthday Dinner Circa 2013

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10 Comments to “[Photos] Identity of Ludacris’ New Baby Mama, Tamika Fuller, Revealed?”

  1. This is very interesting, you have to respect a chick that is riding and that is on the team for good. Take care of that chick.

  2. Kris says:

    All of a sudden because he knocked he next chick up..they were on a break. I just don’t get it. These men aren’t knocking up their fiancee’s and long term girlfriend, but knocking up there side chicks. I don’t care how long they’ve known each other… These woman have these kids are side chicks..turned baby mama’s it makes no sense. Now he has to protect his funds, go threw baby mama drama at some point and keep his main chick laced in diamonds just to keep her around. Some men are just so stupid… how much do condoms cost now days? Looks don’t have anything to do with it… but let’s keep it real.. Ludacris’s girlfriend is gorgeous..the newest “baby mama”..not so much. I just don’t get it.

    • kettles says:

      I agree @Kris. Getting other women pregnant… It really does not make sense!! They are not thinking with the right body part!! I personally do not feel sorry for their finances being tapped! I cannot stay with a man who makes a baby with another woman! That just says so much about the man.. His lady is hot, yet he wants to lay up w/this homely looking woman. Another idiot!! along w/ Wade.. Do other men in other cultures do this messy stuff?

      • kettles says:

        My apologies, his baby momma IS NOT homely looking, after checking her out again. But his lady seems cute enough.

        • Anonymous says:

          I second that!!! These women are side chicks. I guess he will give her a ring to make ok just like Wade did. What happened to self respect?

  3. vapariga says:

    Both Eudoxie & Gabrielle are crazy…I’d be out. I think that they are setting the tone by being so accepting & it just goes to show how money does the talking. But hey ladies, this is why these men keep doing what they do. Love my a$$! Both couples weren’t even on a long enough hiatus for that + not to mention how wreckless & stupid Luda & Dwayne were in not wearing any protection. smh…

  4. judi says:

    I have no respect for these celebrity men who think they are above the law and treat women like crap respect yourselves you dont have to have unprotective sex, you layed you pay so do the right thing by the child now you wanna run and hide your money ugh atleast be a good father

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