[WATCH] Men of Real Housewives of Atlanta Take Over Watch What Happens Live! + Todd Tucker’s Mother Addresses Mama Joyce

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They play second fiddle to their respective wives, but the dapper gentleman on the Real Housewives of Atlanta certainly held court Sunday night (January 20th) on Andy Cohen’s show, Watch What Happens Live!

Gregg Leakes (NeNe’s husband), Apollo Nada (Phaedra Park’s husband), Peter Thomas (the husband of Cynthia Bailey) and Todd Tucker (the fiance of Kandi Burruss) answered all sorts of questions about this season of the popular BRAVO show. Both Phaedra and NeNe sat in the audience off-camera, giving their respective partners shine for the night.

Todd’s mother, Miss Sharon, made a cameo appearance. A caller asked Todd  how he felt about the verbal jabs that his future mother-in-law Mama Joyce had made about him during the season. After being introduced by Andy, Miss Sharon politely took the mic telling viewers

Todd was raised with respect, morals and to be self-sufficient. He didn’t need Kandi; don’t need Kandi now–outside of the love they have for each other.

Watch the clip.

Todd also admits that it’s tough watching Mama Joyce blast him, especially since he has a 17-year-old daughter that watches the show. Todd also surprises viewers when he seems pretty tight-lipped about whether or not he and Kandi plan on walking down the aisle,

We’re taking it day by day.

Peter may be married to an Atlanta Housewife, but he still says he sides with Kordell Stewartand that he doesn’t trust what Porsha says about him. Apparently, Peter and Kordell are business partners and own a business together in Charlotte.

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Check out a few candids of their appearance.

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Here’s this week’s episode (Season 6, Episode 12)

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  • vapariga

    All of the men look great, especially Todd. He is fine! Apollo is as well but it looks like he’s slipping just a little bit.

    I’m so glad Todd’s Mom spoke up for & with her son. She let Mama Joyce know what’s up with class, without having to be ignorant for no reason at all. It seems like Todd is getting a little weary…and if so, can you blame him? Kandi better take a stand on her relationship before she loses this man over her Mom’s foolishness.

    Gotta love that Greg! He is too funny :-)

  • Alaya_MingLee

    Todd is looking good these days! Apollo definitely needs some facial hair. He looks like a creeper without it. Kandi needs to check her mom before she loses Todd.

  • kim

    Todd needs to continue to be the man he is.If he really loves Kandy he will stand the test of time.If he really loves Kandy he will be there.Women take alot from men to be with them in certain situations.Let a man go through something to be with a good woman for a change.

    • Alaya_MingLee

      Only problem with that, he’s not going through something with Kandi, he’s going through something with her mother. And if he’s a good guy he shouldn’t have to take the brunt of every man.

      • kim

        If he is going through something with her mother he’s obviously going with her,as we have seen.Like I said woman go through things to be with a man.Well,Todd can go through a little something for a good woman.If the love is strong it will endure.

        • kim

          Through it

    • DIVA

      I agree with you “kim” love will stand the test of time. If he really loves her he will hang in there and it wouldn’t matter what nobody have to say. I think everybody is going to go through things in a relationship if it be family or not but if they truly love each other what family say or anybody have to say will not matter. Time will only tell. Also, I am very interesting in why people keep calling him an opportunist…hmmmm…Cynthia friend said the same thing about him on this past Sunday episode. She claims to know him and that she knows how he is. That is interesting because if he gives in quickly then it could be some truth to it. #wewillsee

      • kim

        Diva,what I’ve noticed about him is he seems to act afraid when he’s confronted by Miss Joyce.His behavior is odd to me.I would think that he would act more assure of himself and firm when he deals with her.To kinda let her know”I’m here and I’m not scared!There might be something up with him like Cynthia ‘s friend suggests.

  • Cityboy

    Couldn’t get any juicier…can’t wait for next episode…Now pass me that Chardonnay…

  • I enjoyed seeing the men together. Kinda makes you wish for some type of spin off for them. That might be cool.

    • Great concept, but I don’t know if they could carry their own show.